31 Days Of Horror 2022 – Get Demonically Spooked With ‘Damn Them All #1’ On The Wednesday Run

The month of October is quickly coming to an end, culminating in the spookiest days of the year!

Each week this month, this column has been showcasing some of the more terrifying comic book reads released upon an expectant and willing populace! They’ve been perfect stories for the horror and thriller lovers amongst us, as they nestle up next to late-evening candlelight…and a pile of chocolate bar wrappers.

Which brings us to the most terrifying entry in our running October list. An entry that digs deep into hell and damns the damnable souls that dwell there alongside the evil that walks here on our earthly plane. Of course, that comic book tale could only be called Damn Them All.

Damn Them All #1 written by Si Spurrier and illustrated by Charlie Adlard; published by Boom! Studios.

Written by the Eisner-nominated Si Spurrier (John Constantine: Hellblazer, Suicide Squad: Blaze, Step By Bloody Step The Dreaming) and illustrated by fan favourite Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead, Savage, Judge Dredd), Damn Them All is a monthly 6-issue, no-holds barred decent into the occult and the darkest realms of horror. Perfect for all of us fans!

Damn Them All tells the story of occultist for hire, Ellie Hawthorn, trained in the ways of dark magic by her darkly famous uncle. Keen and avid horror comic book readers will instantly notice that Uncle Alfie, the occult detective, bears some strange resemblance to a certain famous hellblazer – which immediately places the new, creator-owned, character of Ellie directly into the fascinating sphere of other great comic book occultists across a plethora of publishers. Here are stories full of dark places and darker denizens, tales rife with evil and the unspeakable, sometimes unknowable, dangers to humankind.

Damn Them All sees Ellie investigating the death of Alfie and witnessing the freeing of the 72 devils of the Ars Goetia, mysteriously released from the infernal realm. It’s up to her to track them all down and damn the damnable right back to hell. But evil, true evil, resides in the hearts of the men that regularly walk this plane, too.

If the longevity and popularity of The Walking Dead and John Constantine: Hellblazer are bellwethers for Damn Them All (and they are), artist Adlard and writer Spurrier will be treating readers to a story full of wonderfully broken and motivated characters, steeped in the horrors that only hell and humankind can offer.

As the nights grow longer and creepier, this is the book you want to be reading as we inch closer to and through the coming All Hallows Eve.

Damn everything else! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the first issue of Damn Them All now!  

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