Tribeca Film Festival: ‘Mark and Mary and Some Other People’ Review

As a polyamorous person, I like to torture myself by consuming media that represents non-monogamy. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to get right, but Mark and Mary and Some Other People, written and directed by Hannah Marks, is unfortunately no exception. 

Mark (Ben Rosenfield) and Mary (Hayley Law) have a meet-cute in a store where Mary is buying a pregnancy test, he hits on her, and she promises to go on a date if her test is negative. She is not knocked up, so they start a relationship, and fall very hard in love, very fast. It seems like youthful naivete as they have a Las Vegas style wedding a year later, Mark wearing a T-shirt with a print of a tuxedo on it. The relationship soon starts to deteriorate. Mary has ambitions and energy, she wants to do things in the world, though she’s also impulsive and flaky; Mark is a whiny, demanding narcissist who wants all of Mary’s attention, and some ally cookies for showing up to a Women’s March — once. 

Mark goes along with it when Mary wants to open up the relationship, and he does enjoy sleeping with other women. But it turns into a game of one-upmanship that loses any credibility Mark and Mary and Some Other People may have had up to that point. I just kept shaking my head and yelling at my screen quoting that oft memed commercial – “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!” By the end I didn’t like Mary any more than Mark, I didn’t find them believable characters, and I didn’t give a hoot whether their relationship worked out or not.

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