What’s Going On: Kim Petras, Sigrid, I Am Boleyn, Kyle Dion, Rare Americans

In this week’s instalment of What’s Going On, we’ve got new pop tracks guaranteed to make you move from Kim Petras, I Am Boleyn, and Sigrid. Plus, the latest releases from brilliant artists on the rise, Rare Americans and Kyle Dion. As always, if you like what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Kim Petras – In a move that’s a testament to her growing star power, German pop princess Kim Petras has signed with Republic Records, and with that comes the release of her new single “Future Starts Now.” Her infectious slices of dance-pop confection have gained Petras a cult following with the gays and the new single will surely help expand her reach. The triumphant anthem borrows heavily from a retro-pop sound but in a way that doesn’t sound rote or played out. Explaining what “Future Starts Now” is all about, Kim Petras says: “I felt so anxious at the start of lockdown, because for me the most anxiety-inducing thing is not being able to work and do what I love, “Future Starts Now” came from trying to stay present, instead of stressing about the future and all the lost time.”

Listen to Kim Petras’ new single “Future Starts Now” below.

Sigrid – Pop fans around the world are rejoicing the release of Sigrid’s new single “Burning Bridges.” Fresh off her ballad “Home To You” being used in a monumental Olympic montage, “Burning Bridges” is a stunning change of pace. Urgent, driving, and insistent, the production constantly propels you forward and the Norwegian pop sensation is bursting with emotion on the supercharged track. If you’re already thinking about how great “Burning Bridges” will be live, you’re in luck. Sigrid has announced plans for her 2022 tour that will see her playing to audiences all over the UK, Ireland, and Europe. 

Listen to Sigrid’s new single “Burning Bridges” below.

I Am Boleyn – London synthpop artist I Am Boleyn is back with her new single “Until the Summer Ends.” A darling of the synthwave-retrowave crowd, it feels like I Am Boleyn is right on the precipice of breaking out into the mainstream. Inspired by acts such as Robyn, Mo, and Goldfrapp while still being firmly rooted in the ’80s synth sound, “Until the Summer Ends” is extremely accessible yet authentic to its scene. On the feeling “Until the Summer Ends” conveys, I Am Boleyn says: “This song captures the feeling of longing and excitement that the summer brings – especially at a time when we’ve all been missing, and craving human connection.”

Listen to I Am Boleyn’s new single “Until the Summer Ends” below.

Kyle Dion – Singer-songwriter Kyle Dion has announced his new album SASSY will be out on September 17. To stoke the anticipation of his ever-growing fanbase, he also dropped his new single “Money.” Brash, bold and beautifully sung, “Money” speaks to Dion’s hustler attitude and approach to life, some could even call the track just a little bit sassy. Describing how “Money” is emblematic to the rest of the album, Kyle Dion says: “This track is the epitome of the album – it’s comical and carefree. ‘Money’ is about doing you on your own terms. It’s that hustler mentality. Being an independent artist and handling all my own creative since day one, this is the energy I’ve been on.”

Listen to Kyle Dion’s new single “Money” below.

Rare Americans – Vancouver alt-pop band Rare Americans are out now with new single “Rhythm Kitchen” featuring rapper D Smoke and a trippy animated music video to boot. The new single is a wonderfully weird psychedelic journey. Pinning down their sound and confining them to one specific genre is a bit of a challenge, but I get the impression they wouldn’t want it any other way. They’ve got a sound all their own and are further proof that some of the most inventive pop music these days is coming out of Canada. On what inspired “Rhythm Kitchen”, lead singer James Priestner says: “I remember my brother Jared telling me like 10 years ago, if he were to open a restaurant, he thought Rhythm Kitchen would be a cool name. It painted such a vivid picture in my mind and I thought it would be a great setting for the Rare Americans animated universe. Rhythm Kitchen is an alluring place where self-expressive patrons flock to converse and indulge without judgement.”

Listen to Rare Americans’ new single “Rhythm Kitchen” ft. D Smoke below.

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