New Beginnings For A New ‘Wonder Girl #1’ On The Wednesday Run

At the beginning of this year, DC Comics began publishing a slate of one-off stories and short miniseries publications under the “Future State” banner. These were showcases for new storylines, featuring new characters or situations for both new and old readers. They were, essentially, a promise of things to come. They told us that the status quo of superhero comic book publications and all that we knew and loved, was still here, but that exciting changes were afoot.

We highlighted some of those titles on this site, here and here and here.

Perhaps one of the greatest and most exciting mysteries under the “Future State” banner, was a new character: a girl who would one day become the new Wonder Woman. Biff Bam Pop’s Uncle Highlander focused his prescient reading eye on that “Future State” hero, which you can read about here.

Before that momentous transformation can occur, however, a young girl needs to first grow up.

And that brings us to today’s highly anticipated release of Wonder Girl #1.

Wonder Girl #1 written and illustrated by Joelle Jones; published by DC Comics.

Wonder Girl is the story of Yara Flor of that fantastical and magical land of…Boise, Idaho. Yeah, doesn’t sound that auspicious a beginning, does it?

Oh, but the things that are in store for young Yara!

Written and illustrated by the immensely talented, fan favourite and Boise native, Joelle Jones (Catwoman, Super Girl: Being Super, Token, 12 Reasons Why I Love Her), Wonder Girl begins with the advent of Yara’s quest for meaning and it’s something that any young girl could relate to. In this particular case, that search brings Yara to Brazil, where her return has been prophesized. Yara, you see, is the lineage of Amazons. And with that family tree comes history, magic, gods, responsibility, evil, and danger!  

It’s refreshing to see a new series featuring new characters and new stories. Jones’ story and, particularly, her artwork is absolutely beautiful. Every page is, pardon the pun, a wonder. From her sense of design to the flow of action to the emotional expressions on characters faces, Jones brings every artistic power she has, everything she’s learned in her illustrious career, to the fore. She is the perfect creator for this storytelling endeavour.

Everyone knows Diana Prince, the original Wonder Woman. But there’s plenty of room in our pantheon of comic book heroes for more Amazons, like Yara, who learn, struggle, adapt and grow from girls to women. Becoming celebrated heroes along the way.  

Get in on the history and the future state of comics, right now, from the beginning! Make the run to you local comic book shop today and pick up Wonder Girl #1!

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