Hey Grown Ups! It’s ‘Hey Kids! Comics! #1’ On The Wednesday Run

“Hey Kids! Comics!” is the ad-line that sat atop spinner racks of comic books at your local department store years and years ago.

Well, today is nothing like those bygone days!

It’s not like legendary comic book writer and illustrator, Howard Chaykin, is new to controversy.

As a matter of fact, he’s been courting it throughout his five-decades (plus) long career. Chaykin, you see, is defined by controversy. Be it his American Flagg! series, his Black Kiss series and even his mid-1980s reboot of The Shadow, or his more recent The Divided States of Hysteria.

Putting the controversies aside, Chaykin’s work is always grounded in some kind of truth – even if it’s a truth that is hard to take for some. His work is always worthwhile reading, his visuals are always telling, and the creator deserves – nay! Demands! – that his work be acknowledged.

Instead of sex or politics or past and present idealisms, with Hey Kids! Comics! #1, Chaykin takes on the comic book industry itself!

Hey Kids! Comics! by Howard Chaykin Published by Image ComicsHey Kids! Comics! #1
Written and Illustrated By: Howard Chaykin
Published By: Image Comics

Hey Kids! Comics! is a new monthly series by Howard Chaykin and published by Image Comics. It sets out to detail the behind the scenes madness, chicanery, turbulence, triumph, despair and all the drama in the comic book industry. With Chaykin’s decades of longevity in the art form, you know there will be many tales to tell

Starting in the first issue, you’ll meet the artists and writers, gangsters, clowns and goofs of our favourite entertainment business. Knowing Chaykin, you, dear fan boy and fan girl, may find yourself in the pages of this certain-to-shock comic book!

Of course, it’ll entertain as well.

The names have (obviously) been changed to protect (cough-cough) the innocent, but discerning and studious readers may be able to trace the plot points to real-life incidents. The seventies, eighties, nineties, and this new millennium are rife with stories to tell.

And Chaykin is gonna tell all of them!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today – and get in on all the madness of the industry we adore! Pick up Hey Kids! Comics! #1 – and let’s see who is hung out to dry, who takes money to the bank, and who might be aggrieved.

Either way, we readers are all gonna be entertained throughout!

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