Brave The Cold Horror of the ‘Swamp Thing Winter Special #1’ on The Wednesday Run

I don’t know where you live, but Toronto just got dumped on with about ten centimeters of snow today.

Not a whole heck of a lot, I know, but it’s enough to make you realize that although the days are getting slightly longer, it’s still only February. Winter is still calling the shots around here.

Speaking of “winter” and “shots”, DC Comics, who have been on a veritable tear recently with a number of fascinating publications (many of which have been featured in this column), is releasing a winter-themed one-shot.

Perfect timing.

It’s written and illustrated by a couple of comicdom’s favourites.

And it’s starring one of DC’s most beloved, and yet currently not-regularly-published, characters.

Really, all things considered, it’s a stroke of genius from the publisher.

Because winter snow must equal the Swamp Thing Winter Special #1!

Swamp Thing Winter Special #1

Written By: Tom King and Len Wein

Illustrated By: Jason Fabok and Kelley Jones

Published By: DC Comics

Both writer Tom King (Batman, Mister Miracle, Sheriff of Babylon) and artist Jason Fabok (Justice League, Detective Comics) are at the peak of their artistic powers right now. If they’re attached to a particular project, you can bet there’s a bunch of comic book readers chomping at the bit to see what it’s about.

The Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 was teased out last fall via social media by both King and Fabok, and I can tell you that this particular reader couldn’t wait to experience what they were working on.

This nice thing about “specials” is that they are one-and-done. No waiting for next month’s issue. Really, they are a perfect example of how to test the appeal of slightly more obscure characters in the market, and perfect ways for writers and artists to stretch their talents and aim for something risky, something truly remarkable.

In this 80-page book, a disoriented and decaying Swamp Thing find himself a guardian to a lost boy as they travel together through frozen tundra – a landscape that is absolutely foreign to a plant entity. Right behind the desperate duo is the horror of a bloodthirsty snow monster.

As an added bonus, a bonus that might be the main feature even though it’s billed as the back-up, is the special final Swamp Thing story from the legendary and recently departed writer, Len Wein (Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, and everything else you could possible think of). He co-created the character alongside the amazing, seminal horror artist who also recently left us, Bernie Wrightson, over four decades ago. Joining Wein on art duty is the current master of shadow and light and riveting emotion, Kelley Jones (Swamp Thing, Deadman, Batman: Gotham After Midnight). This particular story was originally intended to be the first chapter of a new Swamp Thing series, so there’s a lot of added interest.

Brave the snow, the sun, the rain or whatever weather you find yourself in today, and make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the Swamp Thing Winter Special #1.

I guarantee it’s an instant (winter) classic!

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