Now Let Us Praise Noise: Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Edition

This special Holiday Gift Guide 2017 edition includes Pere Ubu, L7, Alice Cooper, and more.

Pere Ubu, Drive, He Said 1994-2002 (Fire Records)

Getting classic Pere Ubu re-released in vinyl box sets is one of the great musical events of the last few years. Released in May, Drive, He Said 1994-2002 is a treasure because these albums haven’t been as celebrated as Modern Dance or Dub Housing, but are still proof that Pere Ubu are both enduring and entertaining. Included are the albums Ray Gun Suitcase (1995), Pennsylvania (1998), St Arkansas (2002), and Backroads (outtakes and live tracks).

L7, L7: Pretend We’re Dead (MVD Visual)

For my money L7 were just about the best band to come out of the 1990s. It sucks that we’ve been without them for so long, but they came roaring back this year with a brand new anti-Trump anthem and a long overdue documentary, Pretend We’re Dead. In depth interviews, never-before-seen performances, and the true story of the rise and fall of a band that blew most of their contemporaries away.

Alice Cooper, Welcome To My Nightmare Special edition DVD (Eagle Vision)

One of the great lost Alice Cooper artifacts that I’ve always wondered about since I was a kid is finally available on DVD. Every year around Halloween, VH1 would play a weird-ass video for Alice Cooper’s “Welcome To My Nightmare” and I always wondered where the hell it came from, because it was obviously from something more than just a normal video. (This was pre-internet, by the way.)  As it turns out, it was from a 1976 TV special called The Nightmare, basically a collection of proto music videos strung together into a narrative and starring Alice and Vincent Price. Now we finally have the full TV special, and it also includes the amazing Welcome To My Nightmare performance film that was shot in London. I bought that on VHS back in middle school and watched it nearly every day. This is an amazing chunk of rock history in one neat package and a must for any Alice fans in your life.

Waxwork Records, 2018 Waxwork Records Subscription 

On the one hand, this is pricey as hell ($250) and I could never buy it for myself, but hey, someone’s buying these subscriptions! You sure get a hell of a lot from one of the best original soundtrack labels out there. The quality of Waxwork releases is amazing: each album is a work of art, from the packaging to the color variant slabs of wax. Included in this year’s subscription;

  • Night Of The Living Dead 50th Anniversary Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Dawn Of The Dead 40th Anniversary Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • The ‘Burbs Expanded Original Soundtrack 2xLP
  • Drag Me To Hell Original Soundtrack Vinyl Debut
  • Get Out Original Soundtrack Vinyl Debut 2xLP
  • Deluxe 180 colored vinyl variants exclusive to subscribers
  • T-Shirt
  • Waxwork Coffee Mug
  • 18” x 24” Screen Printed Poster
  • Screen Printed Notebook
  • Waxwork Magnet
  • 2018 Waxwork Wall Calendar
  • Secret Enamel Pin
  • Shipping Included
  • 10% Discount on Waxwork products throughout 2018 
  • Entry to win a brand new U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable ($500 value)

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