Outlander S03 E13: Eye of the Storm


For fans of the popular show Outlander, it’s hard to believe that the third season has come and gone. It seems like these 13 episodes flew by. The following contains spoilers if you haven’t seen Eye of the Storm, the season finale.

Claire is left alone to find Young Ian now that Jamie has been arrested for murder and treason. She is searching near the slaves’ quarters at Geillis’s place when she is captured.

Young Ian is being held by Geillis. She insists that Claire heard about the prophecy and wants the sapphire. The young man tells her that they only wanted the treasure to pay a debt, but Geillis doesn’t believe him, and has him taken away.

Claire is brought to Geillis, who welcomes her. Claire tells her that Jamie has been arrested, and that the authorities are looking for her, too. Geillis believes that Claire is there to prevent her from fighting to have a Scottish king, and thinks Claire has been after her for quite some time. Claire tells her that she went back before Culloden to her own time to raise her and Jamie’s daughter. Geillis still doesn’t believe her but Claire proves her claim with the photos that Jamie gave her to hold right before he was arrested. Geillis learns that she has met Brianna before. Does she think the young woman is the 200-year-old baby from the prophecy?

Meanwhile, Jamie catches a huge break. Lord John Grey and Captain Leonard disagree on Jamie’s fate. Leonard wants him to stand trial for the crimes he’s accused of, yet he has no documentation to back up the accusations. Grey informs him that he has authority over Jamie as he was arrested on land, while Leonard has authority only at sea. As a result, Jamie is released by Grey, and grateful to be free of the captain.

Claire is still in Geillis’s house when she thinks she sees Young Ian outside. Jamie finds her after his release and she tells him that Geillis has their nephew. They rush into the night, in pursuit of Young Ian, in the direction of a drumming sound that they hear. They continue until they find people dancing around a fire, watching the scene until they are discovered. Mr. Willoughby tells the people that The Frasers are with him. Margaret Campbell is also there, and she and Mr. Willoughby plan to be together.

Margaret seems better off out from under the thumb of her brother. When she is asked the whereabouts of Mistress Abernathy, she again mentions Abandawe. Archie comes in to take his sister away, and mentions Mistress Abernathy to her. Jamie demands to know what business he has with her, as she has his nephew. Archie tells Jamie the prophecy, that the new king will rise when the 200-year-old child dies, and Claire realizes that that child is Bree. She leafs through her photos and discovers that one is missing. Where did it go?

Meanwhile, Willoughby and Archie have a heated exchange over Margaret, ending in Archie’s death.

Geillis wants a Scottish king on the throne, and Claire and Jamie believe she intends to travel back in time to kill their daughter to have this wish come to fruition. Jamie and Claire set out for Abandawe.

The pair locate and enter the cave. Geillis is found with the missing picture of Brianna, and intends to sacrifice the bound Young Ian lying beside her. Jamie fights with Geillis’s manservant, while Claire takes on Geillis. Realizing that the pool of water is the portal for Geillis to time travel, Claire cuts her down before she can jump into the water to go after Brianna. With Geillis handled, Jamie frees her manservant before tending to his nephew. The three of them flee, but not before Jamie grabs the picture of Brianna.

They board the Artemis for home, but it gets caught in a fierce storm, and she starts to break apart as everyone scrambles to get below deck. Jamie and Claire are stuck on the main deck as a wall of water washes over them, sweeping Claire off the boat. Jamie brings her to the surface, and they both wash up alive on a beach. They are on the colony of Georgia, so it looks like they will have new adventures in America. They learn that the Artemis ran aground, but there were survivors. But who made it?


Now that the show is over for this season, it might be a good idea to binge watch the first two seasons to fill the void. You might even begin reading the books that started it all. As for me, I plan to do both. Until next time…

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