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The Flash S03 E16: ‘Into the Speed Force’


With Savitar free again as of our last episode, the villain trapped Wally in the Speed Force. Can The Flash save Kid Flash from a fate worse than death? Or does the Speed Force require something more sinister from our hero? Meet me after the extra-dimensional jump for my thoughts on “Into the Speed Force.”

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Pump Up The Jam: April 21, 2017

On this edition of Pump Up The Jam: Iggy Pop, INVSN, Night Things, Dead Heavens, Deathlist, Ultrviolence, and Animal Youth.

Deathlist’s Jenny Logan

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? There has been a veritable explosion of cool new music in my inbox lately and I’m so happy to be back here to share it all with you.
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Audiences likely to ignore Unforgettable this weekend

It’s a short box office prediction entry this week, as none of the new releases coming out are going to make any sort of dent against the reigning number one champ. Here’s our predictions:


Unforgettable is a new thriller starring Katherine Heigl, which should pretty much tell you everything you need to know about its chances for success. Audiences have completely turned their back on this actor, and its doubtful she’ll be able to draw to many people into theaters. Look for a fourth place debut with $7 million.

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