Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Gift Cards

gift-cardsWork has been super busy for you.

You just got into town.

You’ve been procrastinating.

You completely forgot. (Really?)

You just don’t know what to get.

Look, It’s December 24th. It’s finally here: Christmas gift giving.

And. You. Are. Out. Of. Time.

But fear not! It’s not quite DEFCON 1 – just yet! Biff Bam Pop! has got you covered on all of your last-second gift-giving needs!

For right now, you need to give the gift of Gift Cards!

It’s morning, and you have dinner plans with family, friends, and/or loved ones later this afternoon or evening. It’s OK. You’ve got time (and this website) on your side!

The malls, with their jam-packed parking lots, will open shortly. That’s good. Better yet, you probably know a 24-hour drug store that’s open right this second!

And that’s what you need right now: a window of opportunity at the local mall, store, pharmacy, or retail establishment that sells gift cards. Here are some ideas:


restaurant-gift-cardRestaurant Gift Cards

Have you got any friends or family that are food lovers? If so, this kind of gift card will fill both their stomachs and hearts.

It’s a no brianer, really. So many restaurants these days sell gift cards – from McDonalds and Taco Bell to the $70 a plate establishment. Pick the one you need, at the price you can afford, and away you go to your Christmastime celebration, safe in the knowledge that you bought something thoughtful, that will surely be used!


the-spa-gift-cardThe Spa Gift Cards

Here’s a gift card meant for that special someone like your girlfriend, wife, mother or mother-in-law. Heck, it’s great for men as well!

Who doesn’t like a good massage or pedicure? If you haven’t had either of these, talk my word for it and treat yourself! After all, you probably had to fight traffic and/or bump a few shoulders to get here.

Ever better: kick it up a notch and score points with the one you really love, and get a gift that can cover a couples outing! Now that’s a gift that will pay dividends big time – and in so many ways!


theatre-cineplexMovie Theatre Gift Cards or Certificates

How about the gift of entertainment this holiday season?

Heading out to the movie theater to catch a matinee of Star Wars: Rogue One or Doctor Strange can be a pricey affair. First there’s the cost of the ticket, then there’s the inevitable popcorn and drink. Before you know it, you’ve just spent a quarter of a C-note!

If you a have a loved one that absolutely loves the movies and pop culture, you can’t go wrong with a gift card from the local theatre. Even if it’s not used right away, 2017 will bring us the new Wonder Woman, Justice League and Blade Runner films, among so many others!


steam-gift-cardSteam Gift Cards

So you’ve got a friend who loves electronic gaming. Or it’s the kid brother of your girlfriend. Or it’s your younger cousin.

Pick up a Steam gift card, found pretty much anywhere that gift cards are found. It’ll allow for game downloads on pretty much every relevant platform. And there are so many great games to chose from, aren’t there?

I tell you, you’ll be one cool dude when this envelope gets unwrapped this holiday season.


lotto-gift-cardLotto Gift Cards

Is there a gambler in your life? Or so you have an elderly auntie?

If so, give the gift of monetary hope.

These days, you can give a gift card for the lotto. Here in Ontario, Canada, that means playing all sorts of chance-based games regulated by the provincial lotto and gaming organization.

From Super 7 to Lotto Max to all the scratch and win based card games, the object of your Christmas affections will be frothing for millions for weeks to come!

And if their numbers come in, you might very well see a piece of the action! With just a little thought, it could be a very merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year for everyone, indeed!


So that’s it! Once again, Biff Bam Pop! has given you 24 days Gift Guide ideas! If you’ve got the time to peruse, or are making your own Boxing Day lists, you can find all of the 2016 Gift Guide column suggestions right here!

And from all of us to all of you, thank you for continuing to visit and read and like and share and comment…and most of all, happy holidays to you and your families.

We hope the season is a great one for you, and that 2017 is a fantastic year too!

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