The Exorcist S01 E10: “Three Rooms”


It’s hard to believe that ten episodes of The Exorcist have aired; it seems like it just started, and now it’s ended. Was Pazuzu driven from Angela for the second time? Pope Sebastian was coming to Chicago, was there an attempt on his life?

The season finale opens where the last episode left off, with Tomas arriving at the Rance home to find Angela, now under the control of Pazuzu, tormenting her family. She tells Tomas that she is integrated, meaning Angela no longer exists. He doesn’t believe her, and he gets knocked out as Angela/Pazuzu sends him crashing into the ceiling, and onto the floor. While unconscious, his mind takes him back to Mexico, where he lived with his grandmother. Marcus is there, but Tomas knows it’s a demon and not his friend. Marcus tells him to accept integration. He shows the young priest his grandmother, insisting that she suffered in death and her grandson wasn’t there for her. Tomas knows the demon lies, even as it tells him that he was never wanted by God or the church.

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Meanwhile, Simon survived his beating by Marcus, and he brings the exorcist to Maria Walters. Father Bennett is tied up, battered but still alive. Simon gives the men a choice, either integration to join their ranks or death. Simon berates the excommunicated priest, but Marcus tells Simon he is willing to die for God but not for the church, who Simon claims never cared for him at all. Simon blows handfuls of the ash into the air, the same ash that chose the police chief to be a demon. Who will be chosen next?

Kat lambasts the beast inside her mother, noting that a powerful demon doesn’t get beaten by a 12 year old girl. Angela beat it at that young age, can she do it again? Pazuzu attempts to slap her, but Angela’s hand is unable to complete the blow. Pazuzu hasn’t overtaken Angela completely, she is still fighting. Tomas remains out of it, in his own world with a sinister Marcus and his beloved grandmother. Angela is also in her own world, locked in a battle with the demon, trying to keep it from harming her family. She has it behind a door, but the demon is persistent—it wants the one that got away.

Angela spins a hammer and its head faces Kat. Angela wants Casey to hit Kat on the knee as hard as she can with it. Casey balks knowing that will likely end her sister’s ability to dance, but if she doesn’t do it, Henry’s arms will be ripped from his body. Casey doesn’t want either to suffer, but Kat grabs the hammer and hits her own knee, as Henry is being pulled from both sides. We see Angela pleading with the demon still behind the door to leave her family alone, as she is able to hear their anguish.

Maria is stuck babysitting both captives as Simon and the others go to the papal parade. After all her hard work to bring Pope Sebastian to Chicago, Simon all but excludes her from their plot. Marcus taunts Maria, telling her she’s just another Renfield serving the master, and belittles her. She’s fuming when she finally gets her wish, becoming the next chosen when she ingests the still-swirling ash. While Maria is otherwise occupied, Marcus is able to free himself and escape.

Back at the Rance home, Tomas wakes up and delivers the classic, “The power of Christ compels you,” knocking Angela off her feet. Who knew that’s all it took to knock a demon on its rear? Henry and the girls try to leave, but Casey is unable to abandon her mother. Henry and Kat join Casey reciting bible verses to assist Tomas.

An injured Marcus is in the crowd during Pope Sebastian’s parade. Something emits a high pitch sound and everyone falls to the ground. Simon is unaffected by the noise, and he approaches the window of the pope’s car. Before he is able to harm him, Marcus slits Simon’s throat with a cross. Just then everyone recovers while Simon’s minions flee.

Angela’s been keeping the demon behind closed doors. She’s tired of fighting it and finally opens the door between them, inviting it to come and get her. The demon’s patience is for naught when Angela/Regan delivers an epic beat down, destroying the beast.

Marcus and Casey are chatting on the steps of what was the Rance home. Henry and Kat pull up for her to leave with them. She embraces Marcus, who thinks she is the strongest person he’s ever met.

It seems the Rance Family has moved from their Chicago home, badly damaged in the final showdown with Pazuzu. The girls are walking together as Henry and Angela, now confined to a wheelchair after being bent in half by Pazuzu, look on from their new place.

As for the priests, Tomas feels that God has chosen him to become an exorcist. After his masterful work saving Angela without the aid of his friend, he may be right. He wants Marcus to stick around and train him to be a better exorcist. Marcus cautions him that there’s no going back for people like them, they will always be under scrutiny. Tomas knows the risks, and Marcus agrees to stay.

Exorcist Season 1 110

Meanwhile, the police chief finds out that Maria has become one like him. We’re likely to see more of these two if the show continues, as they mention they won’t make the same mistakes the next time.

The first season of The Exorcist has come to a close. It appears the Rance case is resolved. If this show returns, I wonder if it will feature a different case each season, similar to American Horror Story. I enjoyed the show, Fridays offering more than just an end to the work week. The series had unexpected twists, and was rarely slow. I hope there are others who feel the same way, compelling the production of another season. If fans are so blessed, I’ll be watching. Will you?

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