Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462


We have been saturated with the horrors of the zombie apocalypse via film, books and television and, after six seasons of “The Walking Dead” you’d think we’d know when and what to do if the shuffling began a feeding frenzy. But, would we? “Flight 462,” directed by Michael McDonough, began as a 16 part mini series to introduce the second season of “Fear the Walking Dead,” leaving us with one big question, “Will we recognize the Zombie Apocalypse when it begins?”

Flight 462

When a group of passengers board a plane to Phoenix, they have no idea what awaits them on this 16 part series. After the passengers all board the plane and take their seats, the stewardess does her job getting everyone settled for the takeoff.


There are reports that other flights may be canceled, but Flight 462 is good to go. Everyone seems calm enough except for a young teen who is speaking with his mom and a young lady who is searching the faces of the other passengers. This appears to be a routine trip until a man gets sick. Is it reflux like the wife (Lisa Waltz) claims or is it the flu that has been going around.

Marcus (Brett Rickaby) looked normal when he got onto the plane; agitated but normal. Alex looks even more concerned after Marcus enters the lavatory, but never comes back to his seat; even when the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign comes on.


As the pilot begins the landing protocol, two events take place simultaneously: the stewardess is trying to get the man out of the bathroom and Jake (Brendan Meyer) sees all the lights going out in the city below. The man has been locked inside the bathroom for some time, but as the stewardess attempts to unlock the bathroom door, Alex warns her to leave the door locked.


Michelle Ang does an amazing job of keeping us guessing on just how much she really knows about this “Flu” but she does know something isn’t right. You see it in her face. She’s scared and rightly so.


I was surprised that the other passengers were so clueless to what was happening on the ground because, depending on if hours or days has passed, and something should have been mentioned in the news.

Flight Walker

As the pilot announces that Phoenix is experiencing a power failure and they will have to land in LA instead, Marcus collapses after they unlock the lavatory door. Even though Alex keeps telling the stewardess (Kathleen Gati) not to get close to Marcus, she ignores Alex and performs CPR. It is then that the bite wound is revealed on the man’s body. This is also when Marcus tries to eat the stewardess.


The Air Marshall (Kevin Sizemore) wrestles Marcus, who is now a full-fledged-walker, back into the lavatory, but in the hassle the stewardess is bitten. Alex tells the Air Marshal to tie the stewardess down. It is then that the stewardess confesses that the plane is not heading to Los Angeles and that there is nowhere to land. Jake believes that Alex knows what she’s doing and stays close to her.


Would we really know how to react when the proverbial dog doo hit the fan? Are we savvy enough to trust our instincts in a world where things can be so easily faked on social media? I’m not too sure. Even after Marcus is locked up inside the lavatory for a second time, the Air Marshal allows the wife to stay near the door and guess what?


She opens the door to let zombie hubby out again. Even after he rips out her throat, the Air Marshall makes the fatal error of not shooting his bullets into Marcus’s head; too bad, because in the struggle for his life, one of the stray bullets hits a window. The crack for now is small, but the horror isn’t over.

How and why Alex knows what has to be done is a mystery that might eventually be told on “Fear the Walking Dead” but this young lady knew enough to kill Marcus’s wife before she turned. Did anyone else think it strange that large knitting needles were permitted on this flight? Wouldn’t they be considered a weapon? I don’t think Alex would have been able to kill Marcus or his wife with the crappy plastic utensils supplied on airlines now-a-days.


As the window breaks completely and, the plane goes into a nose dive, Alex jumps into action protecting Jake and confessing that she got the seat that was meant for his mom. And as the plane flies over LA, I swear it looks like the stewardess is turning. I’m not sure, but she was bitten and we don’t know how long it takes to turn.


I was wondering how they would tie in this little online mini-series with season two of “Fear the Walking Dead,” but the creators did a wonderful job with the puzzle pieces by having the unfortunate Flight 462 fly over Nick (Frank Dillane) while he is searching for drugs. We do catch up with Alex and the badly injured Jake after the crash when they meet up with Daniel, Nick, Chris and Alicia while they are searching the crash site. Unfortunately, they were cut loose and left to die at sea by Strand in “Ouroboros.” But, don’t worry because Alex is smart and, I hope to see her again on this series.

I’m hoping that most of my friends will know when what to do when the first of the shuffling dead start roaming the streets. My grandsons and I are packed and ready to “Bug Out” because you won’t be able to depend on the government or the military for help. You will be on your own.


A few years ago, there was a report of a man attempting to eat the face off an unsuspecting citizen in Florida. The news reports blamed the attack on the man using “bath salts,” but was that the truth? It could have been the first case of the zombie virus. What do you think and will you be ready? Check out “Flight 462” for yourself, here.

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