Packing for a Zombie Adventure

imagesCAVAU245Okay, so the apocalypse missed us this time around, but don’t get too comfortable; there is always trouble afoot. In my previous article about the Zombie Squad, I had mentioned several ways to help you make your home safe from those unwanted visitors looking to make you their next snack. So let’s say that your house is set up to handle any emergency that comes your way. You have a good supply of food, water, first aid kits, generators, weapons and a short wave radio. Right now you’re probably thinking that your worries are over and you will be able to continue to enjoy your lifestyle as the world around you begins to disintegrate. Wrong! What if the next disaster forces you to leave your house? What do you do?  Where do you go and what do you bring with you? Ahhh, my little zombie snack, now that I have your attention, I can tell you more about bugging out,  right after the jump.

Bugging Out

No…you can’t bring your Star Trek or Star Wars collections with you and those Manolo Blahnik shoes… forget it! You need to pack light and smart. So what do you bring? Everything that you need toimagesCA48AM6N survive for three days including food, water, clothing and something to protect yourself and hunt for food, but pack wisely or you won’t be able to outrun that herd of flesh eaters chasing after you.

Official Bug Out Bag

72_Hr_Bug_Out_Bag-1024x958The Zombie Squad suggests that a well packed bag contain the following items: Military rations or three days’ worth of non-perishable foods, first aid kit, prescription medications, an all-purpose tool, wind up radio, water bottles, water purification pumps or tablets, emergency blankets, matches and lighters, knife, compass or GPS, duct tape (I personally think that duct tape is the secret tool keeping the Russian Space Station together)  bug repellents,  flashlights, batteries, hatchet, and for me a Katana.

Where do you go?

Did you plan your escape yet? Oh my! Not good and I can already see those pesky flesh eaters sizing you upimagesCAAI02H3 for their next meal. If you’ve been watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, you already know that a crowded city is not the place to be and please don’t even think about going to a Mall. Zombies like to shop too and by the time you’re ready to bug out, everything of use will be long gone. You seriously need to have an escape route, somewhere far away from the disaster. Get your butt to a location that is remote, less congested, near to a source of fresh water, and easily defensible. Even though zombies don’t need to drink water they will go where they can find their snacks, which is you, so be very careful. Keep off main highways and stick to the smaller roads, if possible, to avoid traffic jams, which can create a tasty buffet line for your fellow travelers (zombies) on the road. Confused? Join the club. There’s a rumor that Zombies hate the freezing temperatures. Hmmm? I would head north, but unlike those little biters, I begin to freeze when the temperature only goes below 70 degrees.


imagesCAB1XPV9It would be neat to own a tank, but you don’t, so scratch that idea off the list. Remember that the availability of fuel is a number one concern, so when you choose your bug out vehicle, make sure that it can hold your family, pets, supplies and extra fuel. If for some reason, you failed to do enough planning and run out of fuel (tsk! tsk!), well you’re not stranded, you can use a bike. They’re fast and easy to maneuver (unless you’re like me and can’t walk and chew gum at the same time). But, if all else fails and we’re left to travel the old fashion way…then say hello to your trusty feet. They will hopefully get you to your destination, but remember, Manolo Blahnik shoes are out and army boots and sturdy sneakers are in.


mainstaySo what have we learned my little zombie snacks? Plan your escape route, be it fire, floods, hurricanes, war, unwelcomed family members arriving unannounced, or Zombies looking for a quick bite. You and your family should have a designated location that is set up for any emergency and if you’re unable to reach this destination, it’s a good idea to have several alternate plans ready. Get to know your neighbors and maybe you can form a committee to insure that not only your family but everyone on your street or your town is disaster ready. This is where the Zombie Squad comes in. Their Webpage has lots of useful suggestions in preparing for all types of disasters, check it out. I also want to thank Mike Schmidt, leader of Zombie Squad Chapter 021/South NJ/South Eastern PA for his help. And remember if you don’t want to wind up as a protein bar for a hungry zombie, then you need to be prepared.

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  1. Great piece, Marie! During the coming zombie apocalypse you’re welcome to comfortably get holed-up in Casa JP during the cold Canadian months! I’m thinking your survival knowledge would go well with my aluminum baseball bat as we fight the horde off!

    A few years ago, the CDC actually put a Zombie Pandemic comic book together in an effort to educate people on emergency preparedness – a topic I have loose ties with in my day job. The tools, resources and know how are the same, it would seem, whether it’s a pandemic flu or the relentless, shuffling march of the undead!

    People can check it out here (it’s pretty cool!):

  2. Thank you JP. After hurricane Sandy, I think people will be more willing to set up their own survival kits and yes I think that bat will come in handy.

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