Fear The Walking Dead S02 E01: Monster


While most of us are still recovering from the shocking actions of Negan‘s brutal use of Lucille on a beloved member of Team Rick our friends on “Fear the Walking Dead” are dealing with their own walkers by taking to the seas… can walkers swim? Find out after the jump.


When the zombie apocalypse begins, and it will, governments will fail and lifelines will no longer be available for survivors who’ve managed to escape the encroaching madness. The military will be left with the burden of trying to keep the living alive and the dead from walking. Remember, at this point in time on “Fear the Walking Dead,” Rick Grimes is still in a coma…


…While Strand gets Abigail ready for her crew, Nick uses the Zodiac to head back to shore to rescue his family. The Abigail is a pretty cool yacht, but having a lifeboat like the Zodiac means that Strand may have had a military background because this is a boat used by the Navy Seals.

Everyone is trying to deal with the apocalypse in their own way. Liza is dead, but Travis won’t leave her behind because of Chris. The fact that nothing will be the same has not hit home yet, but they won’t be able to deny what’s happening after seeing the military firebomb LA.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is doing something new with the apocalypse. The series is taking the apocalypse on an ocean voyage, but there won’t be a Bon Voyage party, Team Travis is getting their first lesson on survival. When your first instinct is to help a fellow human, how do you justify not answering a call for help? Strand has the answer. You don’t! While everyone has at least three reasons to save that boatload of people, Strand has three reasons not to. “It’s his boat. It’s his boat. It’s his damn boat!”


I’m on Strand’s side and maybe it’s because I’ve gone through this scenario already on “TWD,” but what if one of the passengers were infected, or what if it was a trap? This season will be one of growth for all the characters on the show. Besides real danger, people have to deal with the emotional damage brought on by the apocalypse. Travis has to deal with Maddy’s anger over Travis siding with Strand and, he has to deal with a son who is grieving the loss of his mother at his father’s hand.

Five Years

I love how Alicia took so readily to the short wave radio. It’s not a cell phone but it does pick up music. David Bowie’s “Five Years” plays on the radio as a man named Jack is calling for help.


Alicia risks the lives of everyone on the Abigail when she doesn’t tell Travis or Maddy about Jack or his curiosity about her location.


While Daniel (Reuben Blades) keeps us guessing at his past life and the atrocities he’s committed, he is doing a good job as the voice of reason. They need food. He fishes and catches an Eel. Strand, played awesomely by Colman Domingo, on the other hand, is a complete mystery. I have a sense that Strand was possibly a soldier, maybe Black-Ops. He’s smart, well prepared and he observes the people on his boat.


Strand understands where Nick is coming from. Nick has been dealing with the apocalyptic world of drugs for the last five years… the walkers are just an added attraction after his many encounters with death via overdose. I’m curious about Nick’s biological father and the relationship that they shared, especially after Strand upset Nick when he called him Nicholas. Although Travis and Daniel don’t trust Strand, Nick does. But is Strand a man you can trust?


I’m really excited about the second season of Fear the Walking Dead. Under the direction of executive producers, Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, we have a great cast with Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens, Reuben Blades and Colman Domingo and we have a kick-ass script. I’m looking forward to learning more about each character’s strength and weaknesses. In case you haven’t heard, Chris Hardwick will do a recap of each episode on “Talking Dead


Now to the important questions of the night, can walkers swim? Yes, they can! I’m not sure how well they’ll do in the water after the rot sets in, but tonight they were doing backstrokes.

Why did Chris jump into the ocean? Was it to go swimming like he said or was he trying to kill himself? I was happy that it was Nick who jumped in to save Chris. What’s going on with Ofelia? Let’s hope Nick can help her, too.


Travis and the others are new to the apocalypse, but they’ll learn soon enough that the old ways have to be put to the side if they’re going to survive. Sometimes, to survive, you have to become the monster. When they come across the boat riddled with bullet holes, they understood that someone killed those people just for the heck of it. Who attacked the boat? Was it the man called Jack? Sometimes, there are scarier things than walkers. Sometimes, there are pirates. See you next week and hang on to the life jackets.

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