Show Me The WONDER WOMAN EARTH ONE VOL. 1 On The Wednesday Run

Wonder Woman Earth One coverEverybody’s abuzz about the Wonder Woman appearance in the very dividing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film.

She was, arguably, the one aspect of the film that didn’t isolate filmgoers: everyone seemed to adore her participation in the story and how she was conceived on film.

And that’s a good thing for all of us – and especially for Warner Brothers. Wonder Woman, the movie, is currently filming on location in Italy and is due for worldwide release in June 2017.

Yes. There’s a lot of money riding on the Amazonian Princess.

And so DC Comics is piggybacking on the WW notoriety, releasing the long in development, and anxiously anticipated, Wonder Woman Earth One (Volume 1) hardcover graphic novel today.

The lasso of truth to this story can be found directly after the jump!


Wonder Woman Earth One – Volume 1

Written by: Grant Morrison

Illustrated by: Yanick Paquette

Published by: DC Comics

In an effort to refresh their mainstay comic book characters at the hands of the industry’s biggest talents and without being encumbered by their in-continuity monthly publications, DC Comic’s launched a series of original, in-their-own-universe, graphic novels a number of years ago.

Beginning, of course, with their most popular character, Batman Earth One (Volume 1) by writer Geoff Johns and illustrator Gary Frank was released in 2012. Here was an origin tale of Batman, retold for more modern audiences. It was a best-selling success, paving the way for a sequel as well as Superman Earth One (Volumes 1,2,3) by J. Michael Straczynski, Shane Davis and Ardian Syaf, and last year’s Teen Titans Earth One (Volume One) by Jeff Lemire and Terry Dodson.

Meanwhile, over the last decade, fan favourite write Grant Morrison has been stating that he was in the midst of writing his quintessential Wonder Woman story: a tale that would both honour her origins as William Moulton Marston envisioned when he created the character in 1941, and bring added depth with a twenty-first century perspective.

Today, alongside acclaimed illustrator Yanick Paquette, we see if the proof is in the Morrison pudding.

As the ideal of a mid-to-late twentieth century sense of feminism, the Wonder Woman comics have been, generally, more miss than hit. Although she’s one of the most recognized pop culture comic book heroes ever created, her memorable comic book stories have been, historically, few and far between. At least, in comparison to her heroic (and distinctly male) compatriots.

In Wonder Woman Earth One (Volume 1), Morrison returns to her origins on the utopian Paradise Island, where Air Force pilot Steve Trevor crash lands. He is the first man that Diana, Princess of the Amazons, has ever encountered – and this singular moment defines her character for all time: a symbol for courage, justice and, perhaps most importantly, love. Wonder Woman, echoed and reimagined as a feminist hero for the twenty-first century!

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Wonder Woman Earth One – Volume 1. Discover a timeless and important hero, reborn, reinvigorated and revitalized for a generation that needs her, front and centre and relevant again.

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