Guardians of the Galaxy S01 E06: Undercover Angle


One of the biggest surprises for me at the end of the second season of “Marvel’s Avengers Assemble” was the inclusion of one of the dangerous new villain groups in recent comics memory, the Black Order, from Infinity, and now they come to “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.” Meet me after the hyperspatial jump my thoughts as our heroes infiltrate the Black Order in “Undercover Angle.”

We Are Nova Corps

First, the Guardians have to do a whole different type of infiltration. Still hunting down Pandorian crystals (hey, at least it’s not unobtainium), they locate the last one they need inside a Nova Corps facility. Disguising themselves in Nova Corps uniforms they try to slip in and nab the crystal.


Now I have admitted that I have holes in my comics knowledge, and I’ve made no secret that Marvel Cosmic is one of those holes. Can someone explain to me what the difference is between the Nova Corps and guys like Richard Ryder and Sam Alexander who call themselves Nova? Is it a Marvel Cinematic Universe discrepancy or a whole different designation altogether?

It’s Called Acting

Either way, Drax is not doing well with the whole disguise and deception thing because he is so literal. I think it’s ironic that when they finally break him of the literal habit – that’s when it gets old. Although, I could see the gag a mile away as to how this acting thing will affect the rest of the episode. Predictability is not a good thing.


We get our first look at a member of the Black Order while the Guardians are in Nova gear, and a repeat of an old joke as Star-Lord and Supergiant used to date. Also, someone appears to be confused as to what her powers are. She controls minds, she doesn’t grow into a giant… Again, they’re changing stuff just for laughs.

Do the Right Thing

The Guardians get caught when they deviate from their escape to save lives. It that whole heroes vs. outlaws thing from the first episode. Nova Corpsman Titus, who is still on their backs, catches them, but also offers them a chance at freedom. If you’re thinking Titus is not all by the book by now, you’re on target.


If the Guardians infiltrate the Black Order, leading to their capture, Titus will expunge their record and let our heroes go. The Black Order are suitably menacing here, but this is also where the plot falls apart. I’ll buy that Titus is a bad guy, but there are two other things bother me and just don’t make sense.


Why doesn’t Gamora know that the Black Order are henchmen to her father, and why doesn’t Ronan have his universal weapon? Am I missing something here? Perhaps we’re building another alternate arm of the Marvel Animated Universe here? The Guardians bail, with the weapon, because they can’t trust Nova Corps any more. This seems like two more bad decisions that will kick them in the butt later.


Notably, this is also the second episode with no 1970s classic rock accompaniment, despite the puny title a la Alan O’Day, even though it barely qualifies as rock. As much as I looked forward to this episode with the Black Order, this was probably my least favorite so far.

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