31 Days of Horror 2015 – “The Walking Dead” S06 E02: JSS


While watching last week’s premier of season six of “The Walking Dead”, we were brought up to date with the clever use of flashbacks. Rick Grimes and Morgan come off as scary men to the people of Alexandria. What do they know? It just takes one accident or an act of sabotage, like a well-timed honking of a horn, to bring the swarm of walkers into the town. Morgan is going to need his Bo staff because some of Alexandria’s enemies aren’t the shuffling dead.=


How willing are you to fight for your home; for any type of home? Are you willing to kill? We need our walls and fences to feel safe from others, but when the open road is your only home, you better know how to survive.


We have a flashback to Enid’s past, to her witnessing her parent’s death; to her surviving on her own. What does the letters JSS mean? She writes these letters on every surface. She finally finds sanctuary, but where does her loyalty lay? Does she really feel safe?


Our Ninja Warrior is keeping up the façade of Susy Homemaker offering to give lessons on making homemade pasta if one of the ladies gives up smoking in the house. We are fooled into thinking everything is clear. Carol does her baking while keeping an eye on the sleeping Judith. Eugene and Tara are with Denise the town’s new doctor. Denise is a Psychologist, but she may be the only one knowledgeable enough to take care of the sick.


What is the downside for teenagers living the apocalypse? Being a teenager is hard enough what with the raging hormones and that first crush, but imagine growing up where the dead do come back. What do the young have to look forward to? How do the young keep their humanity as the adults around them, lose theirs?


Carl is growing up which equals hormones and girls. There is a connection between Carl and Enid. He wants more, but she’s unable to trust anyone after losing her parents to walkers. What was going through Carl’s mind when he saw Enid with Ron? How can Carl act like a kid when he’s responsible for his baby sister’s life? What I did find interesting is that Gabriel went to Carl for help in learning how to fight. There is something trustworthy about Carl that foretells the type of leader he will be.

The town is trying to regroup; heal from the recent death of Reg and Pete. Maggie is trying to get the shell-shocked Deanna that life will go on; that planting seeds will bring it back to normal. It would if there wasn’t a big bad wolf trying to blow down the door.


We’ve been warned all through season five that there was something more dangerous than walkers for Team Rick to worry about. Their handiwork, all throughout the past season, gave hint to their madness, but I don’t think any of us expected the introduction to be so violent or swift. How the hell did they get in? Why are they so crazy? Is there a wolf inside each of us?


The mystery of the honking horn is finally solved. It was a failed attempt by the wolves to knock down a section of wall. A lot of people died on this episode. Mrs. Neudermyer gave up her cigarettes permanently, but she was smoking outside like Carol had requested when the wolves attacked.


It was the women who shined on this show. Maggie is becoming more and more a leader. Jessie went homicidal when it came to protecting her young; Denise listened to Eugene and tried to save a patient. Then there is Carol. There is no other character on the show that has mutated as much as Rick Grimes has. Melissa McBride plays her Carol as a Ninja Assassin, more of a killer than Morgan and Rick put together. She’s a superhero with many disguises: Susy Homemaker Carol; Terminus Poncho Carol; Burka of Death Carol.

While Morgan is fighting to hold on to his humanity; his Zen, Carol comes out guns-a-blazing. We did learn a clue about Morgan’s Bo staff. He may have learned his skills from a cheese maker?? I am dying to hear more about this.


JSS; just survive somehow…just survive somehow…just survive…what a mantra for each and every one of us to use to get past all the bad days and every disappointment that comes our way. It was the only thing keeping Enid (Katelyn Nacon) alive. Enid has become the walking dead, just like Rick and his team. She survives and, when she is hungry, she tears into a turtle as swiftly as the walker tore into her parents. She can’t afford to give her love to Carl, so she gives him the next best thing. She gives him good advice; JSS

I wondered if Enid had let the wolves inside the gate, but Aaron has found a clue on one of the dead invaders. That bag with all the photos of Alexandria belonged to Aaron. Did the wolves sneak into the town because of those photos? That honking horn has diverted the walkers from their scheduled destination and, if the wolves can get past the walls, so can the walkers.


If you’re happy with tonight’s episode, then you need to thank the director, Jennifer Chambers Lynch, daughter of David Lynch of Twin Peaks fame. Jennifer has learned her trade from a master and it shows. See you next week, my little zombie snacks when we check on Rick and our little pied piper. Are you enjoying the teasers for next seasons “Fear the Walking Dead”? I am.


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