Medieval And Alien? It’s Dark Ages #1 On The Wednesday Run

Who’s not a fan of the “first issue”?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, first issues were just for “collecting” with people of all shapes and sizes and interests getting caught up in the wave of pretend money making off of new #1’s. That was about the time I quit reading comics for the better part of a decade.

I dare say, these days, a “first issue” gets the blood racing not because of potential monetary gain, but because there are so many new storytelling ideas in so many different genres by so many amazing writers and artists.

Today, the blood is pumping for the release of Dark Ages #1.

Follow me after the jump for the 4-1-1.

Dark Ages 1 coverDark Ages #1

Written by: Dan Abnett

Illustrated by: I. N. G. Culbard

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

Does anyone out there remember the Jim Caviezel film from 2008 called Outlander? In the movie, a band of Vikings (and an interstellar bounty hunter) face off against an otherworldly alien using only the technology available to them in 709 AD. It was well reviewed but I thought it was quite a romp of fun. A decently entertaining film for a weekend afternoon.

In any case, Dark Ages, written by New York Times best-selling author Dan Abnett and illustrator I. N. G. Culbard (both of whom worked together on the recent Vertigo Comics series that gave a new slant on vampires and zombies, The New Deadwardians – check it out!) sort of follows that theme. People up against an unfathomable force, the likes of which they’ve never encountered!

Here, during medieval times, mercenaries crossing the European landscape come across a truly demonic opponent. But, of course, not all is as it seems. With an early, tense scene, you can check out a free preview of Dark Ages #1 here, courtesy of publisher, Dark Horse Comics.

Firmly set within the genres of history, fantasy and science fiction, Dark Ages is being billed as Starship Troopers meets Kingdom of Heaven. And that mash-up is simply something that must be experienced.

Thrill to a different kind of enemy at the gates of mankind’s dark age. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Dark Ages #1.

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