Gilbert Checks into the Bates Motel


I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the Bates Motel because there’s never a dull moment. What with Norman obsessing over Miss Watson’s death and Norma’s fight against the bypass, episode one was all about Norma’s new outlook on life. But we all know the good times won’t last… not if the townsfolk have their way. With four new characters added to season 2, what shenanigans will Norma and Norman get themselves into? Let’s find out together after the jump.

Shadow of a Doubt

In episode 2, we’re still not positive if Norman was the one who killed Blaire Watson, but Norma in an attempt to distract Norman from his obsession with dead things and dead teachers, drags him to auditions at the local theatre. The play is South Pacific, but Norman is dead set against spending any more time than he already does with mommy dearest. Norma persists and throws in a few tears, and as expected, Norman gives in. Surprisingly both Norma and Norman can belt out a tune. White Pine Bay’s stage director, Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) is not only impressed with Norma’s voice but they become BFF’s.


Bradley learns that her dad was killed for fooling around with Gil Turner’s (Vincent Gale) girlfriend, so she does what any devoted child would do; she kills the Kingpin of White Pine Bay’s drug cartel, but in doing so has caused new problems for Gil’s men. While Bradley hides among Norman’s dead animals in the basement, Dylan and Remo meet a new boss, Zane Carpenter (Michael Eklund). Zane’s been watching way too many repeats of Goodfellas, but he does bring a sense of danger and impulsive reaction that keeps the story moving. I hope the writers don’t kill him off too quickly. He’s like the Fonz, but on LSD

While Norman is stuck at the theater with mother dearest, Dylan helps Bradley escape town, but first he has her write a fake suicide note. As she leaves White Pine Bay, someone else drops in to visit.


Sheriff Romero

Good ole Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell)is a true puzzle and I want to know more about him. He’s aware of what’s going on in the town, stepping in when things get out of control. Is he acting on behalf of the town or the men who run the drugs? I’m never quite sure what his motives are. When Blaire’s father, Nick Ford (Michael O’Neill) accuses him of putting more effort into solving Gil’s death and not his daughter’s, the sheriff seems upset and maybe worried. He then arrests Kyle for the crime even though he knows it might not be the right man.


We all have at least one loser in the family. You know the black sheep that no one talks about. Already upset that she didn’t win the part in South Pacific due to her hateful neighbors, Norma gets a surprise visit from her brother Caleb Calhoun (Kenny Johnson). Poor Dylan never knew he had an uncle and is shocked when Caleb is kicked out of Norma’s house. Dylan isn’t aware of the backstory with Caleb, but we do, right?

Norma is invited to a special get together over Christine’s house where she blends in and makes friends with the town snobs and Christine’s brother, George (Michael Vartan). I can’t picture Norma with friends, at least with friends that she can’t control, but Christine, for now is Norma’s new BFF.  Norma never misses an opportunity to get her way and when she learns that Miss Watson’s father, Nick Ford, is also against the bypass, she’s adds him to her growing web of friends or… victims, depending on how you look at the episode.


Norman also has a new friend. Cody talks Norman into being one of the tech crew for the stage show. Cody was under the impression that Norman was gay after Cody’s boyfriend puts the move on Norman. Although the teen years are full of angst over sexual identity, Norman tells her he’s straight. I’m curious if Cody (Paloma Kwiatkoski) is as messed up as Norman and if that is why she likes the town outcast?

Poor Emma’s attempt to have a beach memorial for Bradley fails. Doesn’t she know that beach parties are for drinking, sex and drugs? Why does Norman ignore Emma’s attempts for friendship? He knows she likes him, really likes him, but he has no time for her. Poor Emma is always trying to do the right thing and that is why she’s my favorite character.


Holy DNA! Although we knew from last season that Caleb continuously raped Norma when she was young, we sure as hell didn’t expect that he was also Dylan’s father. How will Dylan deal this this shocker? I can’t wait until the next episode to find out. Poor Dylan, even though he has criminal tendencies, I like the kid. I sure as hell hope he can overcome his genetic cocktail.  With Caleb is in the picture, you can bet that he’ll cause all kinds of grief for Norma. Her only solution to Caleb’s return might involve Norman and a weapon.


I think season 2 of “Bates Motel” is going to be one hell of a wild ride and I’ve decided to become a passenger for the entire trip. There is so much going on and I will do my best to keep you updated on the wacky, lovable and dangerous Bates family. See you next week, my little zombie snacks, and be careful of where you check in.

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