Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide – Movies, Books And More For Horror Fans

Receiving a gift in a horror film is rarely a good thing. It’s almost always a possessed doll/box/amulet, a monkey’s hand, cursed VHS tape… you get the picture. But as most horror fans are mostly human, we love a good gift. So let’s go beyond the expected and treat them to something they’re hoping for themselves. While you may not be able to stop the onslaught of remakes you can remind them of the great classics, give iconic images and get them on the inside track with some of the most controversial films ever made.

Universal Box SetWhile this may be on the pricey side, with Universal Classic Monsters you’re getting some of the best horror films ever with fantastic extras and a beautifully packaged box. Since Universal Studios essentially wrote the rule book for horror films, it’s only fitting that they’ve complied what they are calling the Essential Collection in honour of their 100th anniversary.

Find out what else horror fans should be looking for this holiday season after the jump!

Raising Hell book cover

Some of the most interesting films have equally interesting stories off-screen, which is exactly what film critic Richard Crouse documents in his book Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils. Crouse documents the behind the scenes antics and politics of one of the most controversial films ever made. A fascinating read, it not only covers one of the most bizarre and horrific films ever on film but underlines its importance to film history. It’s a must-read for every film fan.

Speaking of reading, any self respecting horror fan has seen the classics, but what about a selection of the novels they were based on. From Rosemary’s Baby to Stoker’s Dracula to Matheson’s I Am Legend there’s even more terror to be found in between the lines. If you’re dealing with a particularly well-read horror fan, I’d recommend the book Strewwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffman. Originally published in 1845 the book contains 10 illustrated children’s story each more horrifying than the last mainstream horror release.

H.PFinally, a big part of horror is visual. From iconic images to the posters they inspire, there is a growing community of artists that re-imagine iconic horror film posters in new and exciting ways. My favourite is Ghoulish Gary Pullin, known for his work with Rue Morgue, has created truly visionary affordable pieces that any horror fan would be proud to hang on their wall then reorganize said room to show it off more.

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  1. Great set of gifts. Being a huge horror fan I would love the universal monsters set. Doesn’t get much better than the classics in hi def.

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