Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide: TV on DVD

TV on DVD is my favourite gift to give during the Holiday season AND also to receive. It’s the perfect gift to give to someone when you don’t know what to get them. I’ve selected a few of my favourite options, but the sky is the limit when it comes to giving TV on DVD. It is the best feeling when someone calls you a week later dying to talk about the show that has taken over their life.

Is there anything better than getting into your new Christmas PJ’s, relaxing on the couch, drinking hot chocolate, and watching an unhealthy amount of Television? Heck, no.

Freaks & Geeks
freaksandgeeksFreaks & Geeks is the best “one season” show. First a bit of history, Paul Feig and Judd Apatow’s ill-fated dramedy was given a dreadful Saturday night timeslot and unfortunately never had the chance to connect to viewers like it should have. After five episodes into the series it was moved to Monday night. Although ratings did rise, with the lack of NBC marketing support it never found the audience it was meant to find. Freaks and Geeks, set in Michigam high school life circa 1980, followed the Weir siblings–former math whiz Lindsay (Linda Cardellini) and her younger brother Sam (John Francis Daley). The series wins its hilarious dialogue and comedic performances, but the real highlight that makes it stand out from the rest is the brutal honesty the series reflects on typical high school life. The cast includes many well-known actors such as, SCTV veteran Joe Flaherty, Seth Rogan, Busy Phillips, James Franco, Jason Segal, and Martin Starr. An appropriate gift for friends, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, teenagers, even parents. Anyone can relate to the characters on this show. This was quality television that was taken away from us far too soon.
The special and highly recommended Yearbook Edition of this classic includes the entire series as well as the following special features on two exclusive bonus discs:
• Museum of Television & Radio Panel
• Table Read
• Deleted Scenes
• Original Cast Auditions
• Raw Footage
• Mr. Rosso Live In Concert
• Photo Galleries
• NBC Promos
• Behind the Scenes footage

The Wire
The WireWidely praised as the best drama series ever to air on television, The Wire is a show that needs to be viewed by all. If you know someone who has not seen The Wire, you owe it to them to give them this gift. This is the type of show you need to watch on DVD. Complex storylines and an abundance of characters can make it difficult to follow if too much time passes in between episodes. The Wire which is set in Baltimore, Maryland was created by David Simon, a former police reporter with the Baltimore Sun, and Edward Burns, a former Baltimore homicide detective. Over five seasons, the creators, producers, and writers created a series filled with engrossing and believable stories of Baltimore, told from the police and criminals of the city. With the series package including all five seasons coming in under $100 on Amazon, this is a steal.
The box set includes:
• All 60 episodes on 23 discs
• Bonus features from all five seasons, including audio commentaries by cast and crew
• Three prequels explore life before The Wire
• Never-before-seen gag reel

homelandIf you want to start off someone’s collection with a new show, the highly acclaimed, Emmy Award winning Season One of Homeland is a good place to start. It has already won Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor for Damien Lewis, and Outstanding Actress for Claire Danes after one season along with Golden Globes for Best Drama Series and Best Actress. Homeland stars Damian Lewis who plays a Marine who is rescued after eight years in Al Qaeda’s hands; Claire Danes plays a bi-polar CIA agent who thinks he has been turned by his captors. The series also stars Mandy Patinkin and Morena Baccarin. No one could ever predict the twists and turns in this thrilling series and anyone would be addicted after the first episode. Even President Barack Obama has sung the series praises saying it is currently his favorite show. The second season is airing now with just a couple episodes left, which means that the person you buy this one for won’t have much catching up to do. Perfect for guys and gals, this would be a great gift for fans of 24 (although Homeland is worlds beyond in its rawness, intelligence, and acting), Luther, West Wing and any sort of political or psychological thriller.
Season One set includes:
• All 12 episodes
• Audio commentary on the pilot episode
• Deleted scenes
• “Homeland Season One: Under Surveillance”
• “Week Ten: A Prologue to Season 2”

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