Batman Issue 3 and Morning Glories 14 Headline The Comic Stop

This week in The Comic Stop, Scott Snyder finds the perfect melding of detective comic and super hero story, while Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma continue their brilliant run on the comic book world’s answer to Lost. The shop is open. Come on inside.

Batman #3
Written by: Scott Snyder
Illustrated by: Greg Capullo
DC Comics

If there’s any book you should be reading when it comes DC’s New 52, I’d have to recommend Scott Snyder’s Batman. While I’m enjoying both Justice League and DC Presents Deadman, Snyder’s Batman is that perfect combination of super hero action and detective work. The story has its roots in the history of Gotham City, which gives Batman’s environment a gravitas I haven’t really experienced before. We think we know Gotham, but in Snyder’s hands we learn more about its nooks and crannies, not to mention its citizens.

In Issue 3, as Batman continues to uncover who the Court of Owls are and what their ties are to Gotham City, we also see how his relationship with Alfred will play out in the New 52. Think of Alfred as Doctor Watson to Bruce’s Sherlock Holmes – a source of both information and support. While Greg Capullo’s artwork is spot on, its really the story and the character that makes Batman well worth your time.

Morning Glories #14
Written by: Nick Spencer
Illustrated by: Joe Eisma
Image Comics

It’sa fair to say that I haven’t been this enamoured with a comic book since I don’t know when. Between Nick Spencer’s note perfect writing and Joe Eisma’s evocative art, Morning Glories has yet to dissapoint. The common talk is that the series is a combination of Brian K. Vaughn’s Runaways and ABC’s Lost – those are fair comparisons, to be sure, but the strength of Morning Glories is that it stands on its own as entirely unque.

In Issue 14, the character focus is on the unrelentingly mean Zoe and how she deals with a brutal verbal confrontation with Hunter, arguably the sweetest of all the characters. Spencer doesn’t allow for any of his characters the luxury of easy description – these are complex indivduals, which makes us appreciate their actions and reactions. There are some bigger picture events throughout the issue as well, but I’ll leave that for your to discover. Once again, Morning Glories is highly recommended for anybody who likes gorgeous art and smart storytelling.

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