Biff Bam Pop Unboxes The Beach Boys Smile Sessions

Back in 2004 I was a young, aspiring writer determined to ensure that Brian Wilson’s newly recorded version of his long lost album SMiLE would get some decent play in the Toronto media. I wanted to write something that would explain the significance of the album’s completion that would appeal to people who had no idea about the whole mythology about the album. I wound up flying to Burbank, California, where I interviewed Brian for an amazing 20 minutes, after which I sat in his rehearsal space as he and his wonderful band through both Pet Sounds and SMiLE. And while I figured that someday the original Beach Boys sessions would make it onto store shelves, I have to admit it was pretty surreal when the massive Smile Sessions box set arrived at my house and I was holding it in my hands. And with that, I give you our latest unboxing.

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