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Actor Trading Cards: Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Born: February 9, 1987 in Santa Ana, CA
Height: 6’0

Personal Quote:

“I want to do everything. I’m a producer at heart. Eventually, when I can produce the way I want to, my acting’s going to help fuel that. And not just vehicles for myself – I’m a member of this film society, and I want to contribute. If you’re in the industry, you can’t just take from it; you have to deposit something back to keep it going for the next generation.”


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Doctor Who S09 E09: Sleep No More


“You must not watch this. I’m warning you. You can never un-see it, but remember if you do watch…” With that, one of the more intriguing and unusual “Doctor Who” episodes begins. Whovian adventure meets the found footage genre, and a new monster is introduced. Meet me after the time and space jump for my thoughts on “Sleep No More!”

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The Vow Sees The Love, Safe House and Journey 2 Rock The Box Office and More – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report, Weekend of February 10th, 2012

An absolutely huge weekend at the box office, with the top three films each overperforming to big numbers. Love was definitely in the air, while the biggest surprise came from a family film that rocked theatres. Here’s how the weekend turned out.

Valentine’s weekend proved perfect timing for the release of The Vow with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. The film wound up in first place at the box office with $41 million, more than $10 million more than predicted. I think the success can be attributed to both the time of year and the growing star power of McAdams, who consistently nails these romantic films (even I dug The Time Traveller’s Wife). I’m less certain the Channing Tatum had much to do with the film’s success, though he is definitely a hit with the ladies. According to the Queen, every performance in The Vow was great except for Tatum’s. Let’s see how the film does over subsequent weeks.

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Chronicle Trumps Daniel Radcliffe, But Just Barely – Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Wrap-Up Report, Weekend of February 3rd, 2012

A very solid weekend at the box office, even if we didn’t come close with our predictions. It’s nice to see two new films have strong openings, especially at this time of year, and both with decent reviews to boot. Here’s how things turned out.

Chronicle, the found-footage/superhero film has a stellar opening, with $21 million to land in first place. That’s nearly $10 million more than predicted, and a far cry from what most observers thought the film would do. It will be interesting to see how the final numbers come out tomorrow though, since the second big release of the weekend was traveling neck and neck with it.

The Woman in Black staring Daniel Radcliffe debut in second place with $20 million, just $1 million off from Chronicle and $5 million more than predicted. The movie got solid reviews, which certainly helped bring an audience in. It also shows that Daniel Radcliffe can definitely open a film other than one with wizards and muggles. We’ll see if the crowds drop off big-time next weekend, as is the usual occurrence with horror films.

The third and final debut of the weekend, Big Miracle, hit number four, as predicted, grossing $8.5 million. It’s definitely underwhelming when compared to Chronicle and The Woman In Black, and I don’t think this one is long for theatres.

As for the rest of the top 5, The Grey dropped from first place to third this weekend, bringing in $9.5 million, while Underworld: Awakening closed things out with $5.6 million. One For The Money, which I thought would hit the top five, actually wound up in sixth with $5 million.

So, to recap, here were our predictions:

1) The Woman In Black – $15 million
2) The Grey – $14 million
3) Chronicle –  $12.5 million
4) Big Miracle – $10.5 million
5) One For The Money – $8 million

And here’s how the actuals are:

1) Chronicle – $21 million
2) The Woman In Black – $20 million
3) The Grey –  $9.5 million
4) Big Miracle – $8.5 million
5) Underworld: Awakening – $5.6 million

Next weekend sees the release of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Safe House, The Vow and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D. Be sure to check back on Friday to see our predictions.

Does Daniel Radcliffe Need A Big Miracle To Enter The Chronicle Of Movie History? Biff Bam Pop’s Box Office Predictions – Weekend of February 3rd, 2012

Can Daniel Radcliffe break out of his quintessential role? Will a non-comic book super hero flick find an audience? Those are the questions at the box office this weekend. Let’s see what the answers just might be. Read the rest of this entry

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