Gilbert Speaks on the 2019 film “I See You”

When a young boy goes missing, the police find themselves dealing with a copycat crime, but the killer has been in jail for many years…Did they catch the real monster, or is he hiding in plain sight?

I See You

My sister spent the weekend at my house, and she is a champ at finding really good films for me to review…and this one is a must see. I See You is a 2019 horror thriller directed by Adam Randall and stars Helen Hunt, Jon Tenney, Owen Teague, Judah Lewis, Libe Barer, and Gregory Alan Williams.  What makes this film so good is the many plots going on at the same time throughout the film.

The film begins with a ten-year-old boy’s abduction. Detectives Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) and Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams) are put in charge of the case. After a green pocketknife is found near the boy’s bike, the detectives wonder if they are dealing with a copycat killer. Detective Harper’s home life is in shambles because his wife Jackie (Helen Hunt) had an affair with an old flame. Their only child, Connor (Judah Lewis) is openly resentful towards Jackie. This chaos within the family home interferes with the case…but there are also strange events happening within the Harper home: photos removed from frames, missing silverware, a repairman being admitted in the home by a non-existing daughter? Are we dealing with spirits?

While the police deal with a second abduction, scary stuff continues to happen in the house. We are left to wonder if Connor or possibly Jackie is behind the events.

When Jackie’s lover Todd shows up to talk her into leaving Greg, he is hit in the head by a mug. Again, was it Connor? Todd waits in the basement while Jackie drives Connor to school. When she returns, Todd is dead….and that is when the proverbial shit hits the fan. It isn’t until the flashbacks happen that we realize what the bizarre connection is between the serial killings of young boy all those many years ago, and the boys that are missing now. Sometimes the monster can hide in plain sight.


I See You has lots of unexpected scares, and to tell you the truth, even though I watch a lot of murder mystery films…I never expected the ending, or the killer. You can watch I See You on Netflix. My advice to you is not to be holding a hot cup of tea while watching the film.

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