Satire & Samurai Are Found In ‘White Savior #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Some mornings you wake up and you know exactly how the day is going to go.

Maybe it’s a self-made prophecy, maybe it’s fate, destiny or some strange kind of predestination. In any case, if feels like someone wrote the story of the day down on paper and you just lived it out, scene by scene, like an actor reading a script from a movie.

But damn. What if it’s a bad movie? And what if you, the main actor in that bad flick, knew the ending ahead of time…and could rewrite the story?

Now that would be some super power!

It’s also the premise for today’s release of the first issue of the new four-issue miniseries, White Savior!

Co-written by Eric Nguyen, who is also the illustrator, (Old Man Logan, Strange Girl) and funny-man Scott Burman (Echelon,,, White Savior is a romp through time and culture that finds its hero kicking against a bad ending – one that he knows all too well.  

Todd Parker, a man with the whitest name you could possibly imagine, also happens to be your average Asian-American film teacher who loves burgers, riding bikes and ignoring his grandfather’s historic yarns of by-gone feudal Japan. Still, those wild tales have some special meaning to an older generation. Take for instance, the story of the peaceful Japanese town of Inoki, wherein an ancient prophecy foretold that it would be visited by a white-skinned outsider who would save its inhabitants from an unstoppable army.

But, as the story goes, the outsider failed, and the town got decimated.

At least, that’s the story grandfather told Todd, who suddenly finds himself hurled through time and into the feudal Japanese town of Inoki alongside Nathan Garin, fighting Captain of the United Stated army – who just happens to be a real drunken idiot. The townspeople may think that the Captain is their savior, but Todd knows better. He may have brushed off his grandfather’s stories as tall tales, but he knows exactly what will happen to Inoki as the ruthless Akuno Clan bears down on the misguided inhabitants.  

If you love Japanese history and culture, action and satirical comedy with a social and familial bent to it, you’ll love White Savior.   

So, re-write what was written for you and create your own destiny today! Make the run to your local comic book shop and pick up the fast-paced and highly entertaining, White Savior #1!

You can catch a sneak preview of White Savior #1 right here.

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