31 Days of Horror 2022: Gilbert Speaks on “Demons At Dawn”

When a retired hitman is forced to take on one last job, he gets more than he bargained for.

Demons at Dawn

Directed by Randy Kent, and written by Chris Sanders who produced and also co-stars in the film, Demons at Dawn is a British horror story. The Boss Lady, Chao Feng Mei (Crystal J. Huang) is upset with her gang. Her people are slacking off with the human trafficking trade, and this is costing her big money, so she has one of her underlings Carlos (John Altman) reach out to a retired hitman. Carlos knows that Mickey Santini (Ben Silver) is hurting for money, so he makes an offer that Mickey can’t refuse.

Mickey is no dummy, but he has a lot of gambling debt to pay off, and with a wife and baby boy that needs protecting from Chao Feng, Mickey is forced to take the job. He has the address of the person he is meant to kill, and off he goes on what he mistakenly thinks is a quick in and out kill.

After Mickey finds his mark already dead, he is soon faced with a bigger problem. It isn’t long before he runs into Teri (Amanda Himsworth) and Charlotte (Amber Doig-Thorne) and realizes that he has been set up. There are demons to contend with, and they want Mickey’s young son as a human sacrifice.


I was really impressed with the theme of Demons At Dawn – hitman meets demon – and I really enjoyed the character of the cold-hearted Chao Feng Mei and the hitman turned hero, Mickey. However, there were two many loose ends to satisfy this horror fan. I felt that the film would have been better if more time was spent on finding out why Chao Feng went after Mickey.

I will say this, the theme of Demons At Dawn, human trafficking for the purpose of human sacrifice to bring forth demons, was really unsettling, and it got me thinking. We know that human trafficking is big money, but do we know everything that happens to victims of human trafficking? There are still missing refugee girls from when Trump was president. I don’t think they were ever found. I hope they were not used as a human sacrifice.

Demons at Dawn will be released by Black Coppice Films on digital just in time for Halloween.

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