Learn Moviemaking & Alien Language With ‘The Art And Science Of Arrival HC’ On The Wednesday Run

This particular column is generally dedicated to an enticing new comic book, released each and every Wednesday, otherwise known as New Comic Book Day (or #NCBD for the keen and soon-to-be-keen).

But that doesn’t preclude us from highlighting other fascinating pop culture morsels that we all like to regularly gobble up.

Over the years, we’ve all seen and loved a host of smart, science fiction-based films. They are those movies that, along with the term science-fiction, should also share the phrase science-possible as they are steeped deeply in physics and/or theoretical physics, human history and philosophy.

All, of course, to make their premise more plausible to audiences. But they do more than just that. They also make for through-provoking art that resonates long after a viewing.  

The film Gattaca (1997) written and directed by Andrew Niccol, along with Primer (2004) written and directed by Shane Carruth, Moon (2009) directed by Duncan Jones and written by Nathan Parker comes to mind, as does the brothers Christopher and Jonathan Nolan’s ambitious Interstellar (2014).

Most recently, however, is the award-winning film that has become an all-time favourite for many that love the grounded-as-much-in-reality sci-fi genre, with acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival (2016).

The Art and Science of Arrival HC written by Tanya Lapointe and published by Titan Books.

Based on the Nebula Award winning novella, Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, Arrival broke new ground in the sci-fi film category through wonderful visuals and captivating acting, along with its use of language and linguistics as both a unifying and dividing element between human relationships. In the film, this is especially true whether those relationship are shown to be between lovers or between enemies or between a human/alien narrative.

Today sees the release of a long-sought retrospective companion book that pulls back the curtain of movie mythmaking and shows the process between the original written word and the final film that so many people adore.

Written by Tanya Lapointe (The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049, The Art and Soul of Dune) and published by Titan Books, The Art and Science of Arrival HC is a 176-page artifact that features original concept art, sketches and behind the scenes photography of the Oscar and BAFTA-winning Arrival film. It includes fascinating and relevant outtakes and interview with key creative and scientific team members.  

The Art and Science of Arrival HC stretches out in time from the genesis of the original story through production of the film and it’s first release at the Venice Film Festival on September 1, 2016. Everything you could want, from that first concept art to discussions on non-linear time to the designs of the alien logogram language itself can be found here. The book brings an entirely new look, deeper appreciation and fascination to the beloved film and story.

Use your time and words and make the run to you better comic book shop or bookstore today by asking for and picking up the thrilling and richly fulfilling The Art and Science of Arrival HC.  

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