The Week in Horror: ‘M3GAN’, ‘The Black Phone’, ‘Flux Gourmet’, + more!

Some weeks the horror news is pretty standard – a Michael Myers update here, yet another Stephen King adaptation from Mike Flanagan there – but this week’s different. We’ve got creepy AI dolls, spooky nuns, and even land sharks, and a whole lot more. Check it out!

We got a new poster for Blumhouse’s new artificial intelligence horror story, M3GAN from James Wan this week. I’m pretty excited about this, not just because Akela Cooper of Malignant fame wrote the script, but Gerard Johnstone, who directed one of my all-time favourite horror-comedies, Housebound, is behind the camera.

M3GAN stars Allison Williams (The Perfection) as “Gemma, a brilliant roboticist at a toy company. She uses artificial intelligence to develop M3GAN, a life-like doll programmed to be a kid’s greatest companion and a parent’s greatest ally. After unexpectedly gaining custody of her orphaned niece, Gemma enlists the help of the M3GAN prototype – a decision that has unimaginable consequences.”

Check this poster out ahead of the film’s release on January 13, 2023!

Darby Pop’s The Very Final Last Girls from writer Joshl Eiserike sounds like a very fresh take on zombies and 80’s horror tropes. The new book from Darby Pop Publishing drops on June 29, with story by Eiserike and a cover by Siya Oum.

“For teenager Megan Williams, who has just lost her family to a zombie attack, life as she knows it, is over. Rescued after witnessing unspeakable horrors, she is taken to a secret facility housing a rehab program for girls who survive what is known as “metaphysical phenomena.”  Because—news flash—every scary story you’ve ever heard…from werewolves to demons, psychos to slashers… is true. And it’s the government’s job to keep the public in the dark.

But, Megan is not one to play nicely with others, especially when she believes there’s something the agency spooks aren’t telling her about her kid sister. Or the trail of fresh corpses leading right to her door…”

Speaking of Akela Cooper, her next project is a sequel to 2018’s The Nun. She’s writing the screenplay for the film, and James Wan announced on Instagram this week that Bonnie Aarons would be returning as the habit-clad horror. Warner Brothers also confirmed at Cinemacon this week that Michael Chaves (The Curse of La Llorona, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It) will be directing.

Mickey Keating’s Offseason is officially coming to Shudder on June 10! I’ve been hearing amazing things about this one and on paper, it looks can’t-miss. Offseason stars  Jocelin Donahue (Doctor Sleep), Joe Swanberg (The Rental), Richard Brake (Mandy), Melora Walters (The Pale Door), and Jeremy Gardner (After Midnight).

“Upon receiving a mysterious letter that her mother’s gravesite has been vandalized, Marie (Donahue) quickly returns to the isolated offshore island where her late mother is buried. When she arrives, she discovers that the island is closing for the offseason with the bridges raised until spring, leaving her stranded. One strange interaction with the local townspeople after another, Marie soon realizes that something is not quite right in this small town. She must unveil the mystery behind her mother’s troubled past in order to make it out alive.”

I love a movie that delivers on the promise of its title, and Cheng Si-Yu’s Land Shark is definitely one of those. Based on the trailer there’s definitely a shark, and it is 100% on land.

“A scientific group attempting to genetically modify a shark creates a destructive deadly machine, that even they can’t control. After breaking free from captivity, this new predator goes on a rampage looking for its favorite meal…humans.”

I’m not gonna lie, I’m into all of that. Land Shark stars Luo Li-Qun, Xi Mei-Li, and Tang Xin and comes to DVD on May 10, 2022 from ITN Distribution.

The third Quiet Place has an official title this week, revealed during Paramount’s CinemaCon presentation. A Quiet Place: Day One will be a prequel to the first two films, and will be directed by Michael Sarnoski (Pig). The film is scheduled to hit theatres on September 22, 2023.

If you’re not ready for The Black Phone yet, a new trailer for one of the most-anticipated horror films of the year dropped this week. The Black Phone stars Ethan Hawke as a masked killer that preys on children. Check out this new trailer (that shows off the masks that Tom Savini’s shop created) and keep an eye out for The Black Phone‘s release on June 24.

Finally, Peter Strickland’s Flux Gourmet has a new trailer, and if you were expecting to answer any of the many questions we all have about the film, well I’m sorry to say that’s not happening. But who could care about plot details when Flux Gourmet is this beautiful anyway? Check out the trailer here!

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