What’s Going On: Lolo Zouaï, easy life, Charlie Noirr, Jonasu & Rêve, 730RARRI

In this week’s edition of What’s Going On, we’ve got the latest new releases from Lolo Zouaï, easy life, 730RARRI, and Charlie Noirr. Not only those, but we’ve also got a great collaboration between Jonasu and Rêve. As always, if you dig what you hear, be sure to stream and follow the artists.

Lolo Zouaï – Pop sensation Lolo Zouaï is having a huge moment right now as part of the Future Nostalgia Tour with Dua Lipa and Caroline Polachek and now she’s out with her new single “Give Me A Kiss.” The sultry track comes with an accompanying sleek, dramatic, and fashion-forward music video that plays up the song’s seductive sound. What was Lolo going for on her new single? According to the singer: “Give Me A Kiss” is the sound of a whirlwind romance that puts you in a haze. It’s the seasons changing, the feeling of being out of control and reckless but embracing it.” Get ready for the new era of Lolo Zouaï.

Listen to Lolo Zouaï’s new single “Give Me A Kiss” below.

easy life – Buzzworthy UK band easy life just dropped what should be a song of the summer. “BEESWAX” blends genres effortlessly and is almost reminiscent of the peak output of The Streets, another English act from a previous generation. What’s “BEESWAX” all about? According to frontman Murray Matravers: “BEESWAX’ is essentially about people being nosy. In a post-lockdown universe, it’s easy to feel like we are oversharing and living under a microscope, everything feels so much more invasive and overwhelming after being locked away for so long at home. Social anxiety has been something I’ve always written about but I feel like this is a universal feeling now more than ever.”

Listen to easy life’s new single “BEESWAX” below.

Charlie Noiir – Toronto’s very own Charlie Noiir is getting intimate and vulnerable on “Beside Me”, his new single. Blending the sounds of contemporary hip-hop and R&B, “Beside Me” is a look at an artist flexing their versatility. Charlie Noirr’s raw delivery just drives home the emotion of the song. Speaking on what “Beside Me” is all about, Noirr says: “Beside Me” is not a love song but a cry for love. The ups and downs, the longing, the hurt, the rebound, the moments and inevitability, the realisation. The ebbs and flows of a relationship, like the rocking of an unsettled ship.” 

Listen to Charlie Noiir’s new single “Beside Me” below.

Jonasu & Rêve – German producer Jonasu has teamed up with Montreal artist Rêve for a dance-pop collaboration of epic proportions. The Brit Award-nominated producer crafted a dancefloor banger that Rêve sounds right at home on. Why was Rêve the right vocalist for this song? Jonasu explains: “I have spent a long time looking for the right artist to sing ‘All Night & Every Day’ and I am super happy to have found Rêve. She was the first to nail it and I absolutely love her vocals.” Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see Jonasu and Rêve get together.

Listen to Jonasu & Rêve’s new single “All Night & Every Day” below.

730RARRI – Toronto rapper 730RARRI is out now with his new single “Heartbreak & Hermes.” If the song’s title has you intrigued, just wait until you hear it. Produced by Just Ideas and St4r, who are also featured on the song, “Heartbreak & Hermes” is an instant earworm with its frenetic production and infectious hook. Speaking on what inspired “Heartbreak & Hernes”, 730RARRI says: “My inspiration for “Heartbreak & Hermes” was watching someone close to me drift off into someone I never knew. While making the song I wanted to try to connect with the listener so they know what it feels like to be caught in a triangle. The track gives two different perspectives but the same pain and emotions.”

Listen to 730RARRI’s new single “Heartbreak & Hermes” below.

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