Unlimited Possibilities Begin With “Infinite Frontier #0” On The Wednesday Run

Comic book reboots move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Someone said that, I’m sure. Someone in a comic book shop, in some in-depth conversation with the staff behind the counter about the nature of the industry for the Big-Two, with some other patron listening in, their arms full of crossovers and “tie-in” banner-riddled comic books.

Sure, you could be forgiven for being jaded regarding another company-wide crossover, but the latest series of offerings from DC Comics has been a completely fun experience. We’ve highlighted some of the titles in this column over the past few months, chiefly here and here and here.  

The Future State line of comics – one-shots and short two-issue miniseries, highlighted both old and new characters, in new situations sometime in their (possible) future, written and illustrated by established and burgeoning talents. You may have known some of them, the characters, the writers and the artists, but a number of them you would have experienced for the first time.  

In many ways, the last two months was a turning of the four-colour page for DC Comics. 2021 is a year of fresh starts, after all.

Infinite Frontier #0 written and illustrated by various talents; published by DC Comics.

Infinite Frontier #0, a 64-page one-shot offering from a multitude of talents, featuring a multitude of characters brings the creative hope of the last two months home to roost. We’re back in the present, and characters like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, the Amazons and Green Lanterns charge off into a new and unbound futures hinted at, but still unknown., still unwritten.

Readers are partially in on the take. We’ve seen glimpses of Future State possibilities since the beginning of the year. Wonder Woman is now a God. Superman has a long linage of family offspring doing the truth and the justice and the such. The Legion of Superheroes is broken and Swamp Thing is an elemental entity who rules the Earth. But how did those characters get into those situations? Will those stories that we enjoyed so much, actually come to pass?

Only now do we start to find out.

Life, like comic book reboots, is busy. Even if you’re not an avid month-to-month reader, the Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot is perfect reading for a COVID-era and a somewhat-controlled lockdown. It’s a book that reminds us how much we love having in-depth conversation with comic book store staff about tie-ins and crossovers and the state of the Big-Two. Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Infinite Frontier #0. And then, heck, let’s talk about it.

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