The Week in Horror; Friday the 13th, Wrong Turn, Shin Ultraman, Cloverfield

Happy Monday, fiends! Hope you’re all doing well!

Hey, can we all say, “fuck you,” to Friday the 13th “creator” Sean Cunningham? After years of refusing to pay screenwriter Victor Miller and dragging out a pointless lawsuit that has robbed us of any new Friday the 13th films since 2009, Cunningham is now suing Warner Bros. for a loss of profits? Are we ever going to see Jason Voorhees return to the big screen? Cunningham has already let Halloween beat F13 to 13 films in the series and this new lawsuit is just going to gum up the works that much more.

The Wrong Turn reboot is coming to Blu, DVD, and VOD on February 23rd. Its not a franchise I’ve ever had much use for, in fact, the only one I’ve seen start to finish is part two, which was directed by Joe Lynch and starred Henry Rollins. It was fine, but it didn’t inspire me to seek out the other six(?) films in the series. The new reboot looks pretty neat though, less cartoonish anyway, so I’m willing it to give it a shot.

One of the biggest surprises I’ve seen this week is the trailer for Shin Godzilla. A) I didn’t know a new Ultraman movie was in the works, B) this looks fucking awesome, keeping the original character design intact, but boasting some super impressive CGI monsters, C) now give us Shin Ultraman vs Shin Godzilla.

After a few films in the Cloverfield universe, Bad Robot has announced a direct sequel to the original film is now in the works. No word if the new film will be found footage or not, as production details are being kept hush hush, at any rate it should be interesting to see what we get, because more big monsters in our life is precisely what we need.

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