What’s Going On: Juliana Hatfield, The Moontown Project, Verzache, Connor Price, LILHUDDY

This week’s edition of What’s Going On features new music from veteran artist Juliana Hatfield and new acts on the rise The Moontown Project, Verzache, Connor Price, and LILHUDDY. A little bit of something for everyone! As always, if you dig what you’re hearing, be sure to stream and follow these artists.

Juliana Hatfield – Prolific singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield has announced her 19th solo album Blood, which is due out on May 14 via American Laundromat. On the new album, Juliana set out to tackle modern human psychology and behaviour and all of the dark deliciousness that comes with that. The first single from Blood is “Mouthful of Blood”, a groovy melodic track that is just as thought-provoking as it is danceable. On her creative process, Juliana states: “I always love coming up with melodies and then trying to fit words into them—it’s like doing a puzzle. And I always find places to use the Mellotron flutes and strings, on every album, because those sounds are so beautiful to me. They are a nice counterpoint to the damaged lyrical content.”

Listen to Juliana Hatfield’s new single “Mouthful of Blood” below.

The Moontown Project – Leeds/London-based duo The Moontown Project, consisting of Will Swain-Smith on guitar/lead vocals and Guy Molony on keys, bass and vocals, delve into the past while taking us into the future with their brand of alt-indie electronica. On their new single “Moon Honey”, the guys take us on a synth-laden neo-psychedelic cross-genre romp through indie electro-pop and retro dance sounds. Speaking on the sound of “Moon Honey”, The Moontown Project states: “Moon Honey is simply a construct personifying a regrettable, yet enormously fun decision. The single was inspired by the disco sounds of the 70s and 80s and artists such as Jocelyn Brown and Sister Sledge, merged with more modern takes on funky sounds, under the influence of artists such as Jungle and Parcels with their synth heavy, spacey riffs and grooves.”

Listen to The Moontown Project’s new single “Moon Honey” below.

LILHUDDY – Having conquered the world of Tik Tok, the logical next move is to branch out into music and that’s exactly what LILHUDDY set out to do with “21st Century Vampire”, his first official single. Newly signed to Immersive/Geffen Records, LILHUDDY (aka Chase Hudson) seamlessly blends pop, punk, and alternative on “21st Century Vampire,” along with an underlying message of self-love and being yourself. Coming from a musical family and with influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Blink-182 to Bruno Mars, the future is bright for the social media superstar. On the core message of “21st Century Vampire”, LILHUDDY says: “It’s okay to be different. That’s the message I’m relaying. In a lot of ways, I’m a very misunderstood kid too. People don’t know the whole story or who I really am. I’ve always wanted to be my full self. Music is my way to finally show them.”

Listen to LILHUDDY’s debut single “21st Century Vampire” below.

Connor Price – Imagine writing an ode to the celebrity crush of your youth only to have them not just hear the song but write a verse in response. That’s exactly what happened to Toronto actor, musician, and rapper Connor Price with “Courteney Cox”, his ode to the Friends and Cougartown actress. After initially connecting via the power of a social media challenge, Price’s single “Courteney Cox” also features a verse from DJ & A-list actor Idris Elba. Despite being a whole lot of fun, it’s clear that this is more than a novelty record and that Price has a genuine love for hip-hop and the skills to back that up. The star-studded music video takes the song over the top as it features Price, Elba and Cox on three iPhone screens, doing Facetime skits. If you’re in need of a tongue-in-cheek pick me up, “Courteney Cox” delivers that in spades.

Listen to Connor Price’s new single “Courteney Cox” ft. Idris Elba below.

Verzache – The “king of bedroom pop” Verzache is out now with “All I Need”, his highly anticipated new single. The 23-year old Toronto artist’s latest track offers another taste of what to expect from his forthcoming album My Head Is A Moshpit. “All I Need” is a chill track that keeps the dreamy feel-good vibes going. Lyrically, it’s about the all-consuming infatuation stage of a relationship, something that we can all relate to. On what inspired the writing of “All I Need”, Verzache explains: “When I wrote ‘All I Need’, at the time I was definitely in the feels and the title is a pretty big give away but I was just recording how I felt. Looking at the song now, I see it as an example of some good ole young love /infatuation. Some lil’ boi that met someone who showed them something new and took ’em out of their comfort zone.”

Listen to Verzache’s new single “All I Need” below.

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  1. This is a nice little find today. I became interested in Julianna Hatfield after her collaboration with Paul Westerberg a few years back. I will be interested in checking out her new music!

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