Bring On The Mind-Altering Crime Thriller Of ‘Crimson Flower #1’ On The Wednesday Run

When it comes to tales that pick at the corners of reality and warp a reader’s sense of what is and what could be, wherever writer Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Revolver, Ether, Fear Case) leads, this sci-fi crime reader will follow!

Oh, we’ve mentioned Kindt before on Biff Bam Pop! He’s a long time favourite.

Whether it was the monthly brilliance of his science fiction by-way-of government conspiracy Mind MGMT series (a 35+ issue story – and vinyl record –  that still resonates – and rotates – for readers today), the thrilling underwater murder-mystery that was Dept. H, or his time-bending and fully-engrossing speculative fiction graphic novel, Revolver, Kindt is a writer/artist that readers can trust to provoke, to thrill and to entertain.

You can be sure that you’ll be taken on a high-concept, character driven ride with an emotional payoff that’ll pack a wallop, every time you read one of Kindt’s books.

Of late, Kindt has partnered with some great artists. His newest offering, the sci-fi government thriller, Crimson Flower sees him team up with the extraordinary Matt Lesniewski (The Freak, Arctic Hell, Alone Again).

Lesniewski’s illustrations are boldly kinetic, brimming with emotion. They’re a perfect complement to the action-packed tale that belies a layered, deep-think modus operandi.

Crimson Flower is the story of a broken woman who turns to folk tales to cope with tragedy. It’s also a story of her bloody thirst for revenge. But nothing is as it seems in this world. Like any great thriller, there’s a government conspiracy at the heart of this woman’s existence, rooted in childhood training and clandestine assassins. Those folk stories that provide a shelter from pain are also the providers of violence and crimson blood.

Crimson Flower is a post-modern take on fiction and government conspiracy thrillers – a series that will manipulate, disturb and excite readers of graphic fiction.

If you loved any of Matt Kindt’s previous works, this one will take you over the edge of mind-altering delight! Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Crimson Flower #1. And happily go over that edge!      

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