The Week In Horror: Lost Romero Film Screens in Chicago Next Month

Well, holy crap and good morning! The George A. Romero Foundation has announced that Romero’s long lost film about elderly abuse, The Amusement Park, will screen on October 12 at Pittsburgh’s Regent Square Theater! The film was shot in 1973 as a work-for-hire project, set up by a Christian group that wanted Romero to make a film showing the horrors of elderly abuse. When they saw the completed film, they found it so bizarre and disturbing that they shelved it. Starting a year ago, the Indie Collective set to work on restoring the film. I guess the time has come for this lost treat from the era of Romero’s career that gave us The Crazies, Season of the Witch, and Martin. [Speaking of Martin, here’s the trailer for a taste of this era.]

Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead remake) has been announced as producer on the next installment of the ever-disjointed and twisting Texas Chainsaw Massacre “franchise.” There are no details on whether this will be another a sequel or another remake/reboot. There are no safe assumptions when it comes to this franchise. You can’t even say, ‘at least it’s in good hands,’ with Alvarez. It was in ‘good hands’ with the makers of Inside, and it still failed to fire up much love for the series. Personally, I loved it. It was a splatterpunk Jim Thompson road movie with some TCM tacked on at the end. But we shall remain ever hopeful and support another go round with Leatherface, because that’s what fans do!

There was some head scratching earlier this week when NECA Toys had to remove the NES versions of Freddy and Jason from the Terror Toons line. We already know Jason has been stripped from NECA over that stupid lawsuit between those two old creeps who apparently hate money and fans, but Freddy? Turns out, all rights to A Nightmare on Elm Street have reverted back to the estate of Wes Craven. What does this mean for the series? No more involvement from New Line aka The Studio Freddy Built? I guess we’ll see. I imagine the Craven family will shop the series to a new studio if they’re interested in seeing Freddy return. Hopefully, we’ll see the series re-released under a boutique label like Arrow for a red carpet treatment, similar to Craven’s two Hills Have Eyes films.

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