Scream With Glee For ‘Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized HC’ On The Wednesday Run

It’s been exactly two years since this very column gave a spotlight to the Aliens: Dead Orbit miniseries by author/illustrator James Stokoe. You can read that particular column, published on April 26, 2017 right here.

You remember Aliens, right?

Everybody loves Aliens – those chest-bursting, acid-for-blood, sharp double mandible mouthed (is that what they are? That’s kinda what they are) boney, perhaps genetically engineered slimy and ugly creatures who mostly come out at night to lay reproductive siege to a human body.

Well, with Aliens: Dead Orbit, you get all of that…and a whole lot more.

Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized Hardcover, James Stokoe, Dark Horse Comics, Aliens, Alien, comic book, horror, sci-fi, science fiction, #AlienDay2019Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized Hardcover

Written and Illustrated By: James Stokoe

Published By: Dark Horse Comics


Perfectly timed for #AlienDay2019 (which so happens to be this Friday, April 26) the Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized Hardcover collects the entire four-issue miniseries, originally released two years ago. But publisher Dark Horse Comics has gone over and above and filled the book with plenty to get excited about – as if the story itself wasn’t enough!

Aliens: Dead Orbit tells the horrific tale of one space station’s engineer who must use every wit and tool at his disposal to survive an attack from outer space’s most relentless of monsters.

James Stokoe gives a tour de force visual story that is both expansive and claustrophobic, harrowing and breathtaking. The larger format of the hardcover collection allows readers to be fully immersed in the detail and colour of his finely evocative illustrations. This really is beautiful science fiction horror!

Within the 120-pages of Aliens: Dead Orbit, you’ll get plenty of bonus material including Stokoe’s process material and high-res scans of his original art.

Come…let us all celebrate #AlienDay2019 with the Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized Hardcover. It’s certain bust your chest with thrills of monstrous imagery – the kind that only our favourite xenomorph can deliver! !

You can catch a preview of the Aliens: Dead Orbit Oversized Hardcover right here.

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