Get Courageous With ‘Ironheart #1’ On The Wednesday Run

Riri Wiliams, better known as “Ironheart” in the superhero community, made her first appearance in the summer of 2016 within the pages of Invincible Iron Man.

Created by acclaimed writer Brian Michael Bendis and illustrator Mike Deodato, Riri is a 15-year old engineering student, brilliant with robotics, wiring and, as it turns out, improving the Iron Man armor.

And she’s exactly what the world needs right now.

Ironheart #1 Eve Ewing Kevin Libranda Marvel Comics comic book superhero Riri WilliamsIronheart #1
Written By: Eve Ewing
Illustrated By: Kevin Libranda
Published By: Marvel Comics

Biff Bam Pop’s stable of writers have long lamented the dearth of youthful, specifically female-centric heroes, in the comic book medium these days. You know, ones that are powerful characters that can be imbued with positive ideals for the kids who read about them.

Jeez, even characters whereby kids see themselves! And yes, I’m talking about diversity – the saving grace of the comic book medium, the medium that provides the perfect platform for the strengths of multiculturalism in this, a cynical, often nativist, time.

It’s a courageous endeavour, really.

Riri Williams’ time as the star of her own monthly series couldn’t come soon enough! And courage is at the heart of her character.

Written by award-winning poet, Eve Ewing (Electric Arches) and illustrated by Kevin Lebranda (Champions), Ironheart is an adventurous, philosophical, and often lyrical, coming-of-age book featuring the young Riri Williams.

She might have Tony Stark’s blessing as an armor-wearing superhero, but as a teenager – and an important fictional character – she’ll need to forge her own path. Ewing and Lebranda are the perfect pairing to aid her in that endeavour.

After appearances in various video games, including Lego Marvel Superheroes 2, and the upcoming Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron animated superhero short, is a world-cameo in some new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie far behind? I think not.

Girl, boy, adolescent, youth, young adult, lovers of comic books from all ages and all walks of life: make the run to your local comic store today and start a new heroic and courageous journey.

With Riri Williams and Ironheart #1 you can start at the very beginning!

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