The Week In Horror: Leprechaun, Candyman, Walking Dead, Quantum Terror

Coming in late off the weekend, but the Week In Horror has crashed into your computer screen like Rutger Hauer crashing through C. Thomas Howell’s windshield at the end of The Hitcher. Speaking of The Hitcher, that movie still holds up brilliantly, but desperately needs a 4K restoration special edition with all the extras! Anyway…

There’s a new Leprechaun movie coming out for some reason. Some of you are probably really down for this. I hope you all have fun. I’ve never seen a single film in this franchise and based on the trailer, that’s probably not going to change. Not that the trailer is bad. This is just not a movie series I am into.

Mixed bag of emotions on this tidbit that just dropped over at Bloody Disgusting: Jordan Peele has confirmed that his  production company’s, Monkeypaw Productions, remake of Clive Barker’s Candyman will drop in 2020 and will be directed by Nia DaCosta (Little Woods). On the one hand, Peele is great. I’ve been a fan for some time now and Get Out was brilliant. But the 1992 Bernard Rose helmed film was also brilliant and simply still feels too new to remake. Although, it’s also being called a spiritual sequel, so I’m going to stay positive. I’m not familiar with DaCosta’s work, but I’ve heard good things. At the very least Candyman is in good hands. And, hey! A woman directing a major horror film? We don’t get enough of those, that’s for damn sure. Candyman…Candyman…Candyman…Candyman…Candyman…

Um spoiler alert, I guess?

I checked out on The Walking Dead after Glenn got his head bashed in by Negan.  Not because of the gore or whatever. I quit the show for the same reason I quit the comic after the same moment; I thought it was cheap. Since then, Carl, Maggie, and Rick have all been offed on the show. And now we can add Jesus to the list of dead heroes. He died in the mid-season finale, which actually looks like a horror movie for a change, and from the stills I’ve been seeing on-line, I might have to give the show another shot.

So, this was a nice surprise I found over at Dread Central…

From YouTube: Samantha Carroll leads a small group of friends on a journey into an underground labyrinth of tunnels that defy every aspect of reality, to search for her lost twin sister. Instead, they will discover a world of alien entities that are able to deconstruct the very fabric of space, time, and human consciousness. Produced, written, and directed by Christopher Cooksey in conjunction with Mesmer Films.

Very cool trailer, I’m sure I’ll be talking about this a lot more as the release date approaches.



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