Will ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Score Insane Numbers At The Box Office?

This weekend, things will likely be crazy at the box office, as a brand new release looks to claim the top spot.

Crazy Rich Asians is the adaptation of the popular Kevin Kwan novel that many are saying is a rebirth for the romantic comedy. The film was officially released this past Wednesday evening, where it brought in an strong $5 million overnight. The hype for the film is large, and reviews have been unanimously positive, which is only going to help bring in a built-in audience who have read and loved the book. Many are heralding Crazy Rich Asians for its inclusiveness, which makes it even more timely. Look for a first place debut for the film with $32 million.

As for the restr of the top five, The Meg will drop to second place with $21 million. The action film Mile 22, which sees Mark Wahlberg reteam for the fourth time with director Peter Berg, doesn’t have any real buzz to it; it will have to settle for third place with $15 million. Mission: Impossible – Fallout will be in fourth place with $13 million, while Disney’s Christopher Robin will close things out in fifth place with $7.8 million.

So, to recap, here are our predictions:

1) Crazy Rich Asians – $32 million
2) The Meg – $21 million
3) Mile 22 – $15 million
4) Mission: Impossible – Fallout – $13 million
5) Disney’s Christopher Robin – $7.8 million

Be sure to check bank on Sunday to see how the weekend turns out!

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