Tim Murr Announces New Collection of Short Stories, ‘Neon Sabbath’

Neon Sabbath, the latest book of short horror stories from author Tim Murr (Motel on Fire, City Long Suffering, Conspiracy of Birds), will be released August 3, 2013, by St. Rooster Books.

In his latest collection of short stories, Tim Murr brings back the feeling of raiding your local video store’s horror section. Capturing the fantastical, the sleaze, and the gore, while raising his middle finger to the very notion of “elevated horror,” but still delivering a highly literate, fast paced read.

“Tim Murr has a knack for writing stories that draw you in.  He paints a picture so vivid, you can visualize every detail while you read.  In fact, Hell is Empty is an extraordinary example of a story a budding filmmaker should use for a short film.  I’d love to see this happen with the works of a writer like Tim.  Every story of his that I’ve read has been near impossible to put down and has all the elements that keep me interested and needing to know what happens next.  The stories draw you in, the characters keep you there.”

-Chris Cavoretto/Werewolves In Siberia

“I don’t know what else to tell you except that this book is bitchin’. Murr is one of those great writers that not enough people know about. He’s the D. Boon of horror, writing with an economy and leanness rarely found nowadays. Not a word is wasted. His stories are as punk rock as it gets. Get in, get out, everybody gets hurt. I recommend the hell out of this book. Get your grubby mitts on it as soon as it becomes available.”

-Jeffery X Martin (Black Friday, Hunting Witches, Parham’s Field, The Ridge)

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