Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – Dark Horse Comics’ Mind MGMT and The Black Beetle

The 2013 edition of Biff Bam Pop’s Holiday Gift Guide kicks off today! Over the course of the next 24 days, we’ll be sharing with you all sorts of excellent gift selections for the pop culture afficionado in your life. Some will be a bit obvious, some will be unique and a little expensive. Music, movies, comic books and more – it’s all going to be covered. So get excited and get into the first instalment, courtesy of our pals over at Dark Horse Comics.

One of the biggest and most recognizable forces in comic book publishing today, there’s always a ton of great stuff coming out from Dark Horse. This Holiday season, three of the top pics for any literate reader of graphic novels, or any form of literature really, comes from the company.

Mind MGMTFirst off, there’s two volumes of Matt Kindt’s groundbreaking and critically acclaimed Mind MGMT available for your perusal. Our own JP Fallavollita is a huge fan of Kindt’s work, as you can tell by the interview he conducted with the author last year. The story is complex, while the art work absolutely unique – if you’re a fan of Phillip K. Dick or Lost, you’ll definitely love what Kindt is doing with this mind-bendng series.

the-black-beetle-hardcoverAlso available this holiday season from Dark Horse is the first hardcover compilation of The Black Beetle, written and illustrated by the noted artist, Francesco Francavilla. We were ahead of the pack on this one two, as The Black Beetle #0 was featured one year ago in JP Fallavollita’s Wednesday Run column. If you or someone you know loves pulp heroes such as The Spirit and The Shadow, The Black Beetle is definitely the right pick for them. The book is gorgeous, but that’s no surprise, coming from Francavilla.

Both Matt Kindt and Francesco Francavilla are two of the biggest names in comics right now, and a lot of that hype has come from the amazing work they’ve been doing for Dark Horse. Put Ming MGMT or The Black Beetle under someone’s Christmas tree, and the won’t be disappointed.

You can order Mind MGMT here, and pick up The Black Beetle here.

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