The Week In Horror: Victor Crowley is Here, ‘The Fog’ Has a Birthday + more

This past Tuesday, February 6, Adam Green’s shot-in-secret sequel to his gore fest horror comedy franchise Hatchet, landed on Blu-ray, digital, and VOD. Victor Crowley features the legendary Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th 7-X) returning to the title role to stalk a new batch of victims in his swamp. (You can read my full review.

Released 38 years ago, this week, John Carpenter’s supremely spooky ghost tale The Fog made its debut. The movie stars Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh, Tom Atkins, and John Houseman. It’s the story of a supernatural fog that envelopes a small coastal town on the 100th anniversary of a ship sinking in its waters. I think the film gets passed over in Carpenter’s filmography too often because of how simplistic the story is, especially compared to The Thing or In The Mouth of Madness, but it is one of Carpenter’s creepiest films. Scream Factory has a beautiful DVD/Blu-ray special edition out now, so if you haven’t seen the film, that would be my go to.

Sony released our first look at October 2018’s Venom, which is Not straight horror, but skirts the line into darker, more horrific territory. Said to be the start of Sony’s dark Spidey related slate of films, Venom will pull inspiration from the 1990s storyline, “Lethal Protector.” This narrative had Venom squaring off against the LIFE organization who attempt to weaponize the Venom symbiote and create a few new symbiotes that Venom and Spider-Man must team up against to take down. No official word if Tom Holland will appear as Spidey in the film, but there’s been talk that we’ll get to see our first live action Carnage—a serial killer who becomes possessed by the symbiote. The trailer gives little away and if you’re expecting to catch a glimpse of Tom Hardy all Venomed-up, sorry. Not even a silhouette. Nothing. Still, the film looks action-heavy and it’s still Tom Hardy.

It’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive time! If you go to Jen and Sylvia Soska’s YouTube Page you can check out all of this year’s Blood Drive shorts. Izzy Lee’s “It’s In You” just debuted at midnight Wednesday night and you can check out shorts by Joe Magna, Dayna Noffke, and many others. The annual blood drive is a series of short PSAs from the horror community promoting the donation of blood to the Red Cross. It’s a worthy cause and we get 30 awesome horror shorts from a lot of great names in the community.

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