BBP! Guide To Fan Expo Canada 2017: Day 3 #FXC17

Two days of Fan Expo Canada have passed, and you’ve been a good little pop culture soldier.

Perhaps you’ve got a full weekend pass. Perhaps this is your first day in line. Either way, today is giant-sized Saturday – and the Metropolitan Convention Centre kicks it up into its highest gear today!

Certainly the busiest day of the four day convention, Saturday, Day 3 of Fan Expo Canada, offers up a whole host of challenges and opportunities. Your adrenaline, for one, will be coursing through your body like you’ve never experienced. But you’ll need to be a pro, and temper that enthusiasm with the knowledge that you’ll most likely be in some long lines. It’s a natural occurrence and the real test is how you can deal with that pressure.

Pro Tip: go to the bathroom early. 10 AM to 7 PM makes for a long day.

Still, it’s all worth it, as you’re bound to bump into friends you know, and the exhibitors start talking with an aim to sell product. Some of the biggest programming events are today as well – and you can find all of them here in Day 3 of Biff Bam Pop’s Guide to Fan Expo Canada!



Today is the busiest day of Fan Expo Canada and that means the busiest day for cosplay and the most widespread opportunity for photography! Whether it’s comic book superheroes, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars or anime and manga characters, you’ll marvel at the craftsmanship, dedication, creativity and time that people have to put together their wardrobe. It’s certainly a labour of love – for them, and for your eyes! Remember that cosplay is not consent. Engage in conversation and ask to take that photo of an astounded you and a menacing Sith Lord!



Star Trek Discovery Production Design Panel: 11:30 AM, ROOM: 701B

The new Star Trek Discovery television series is being produced right here in Toronto, so, in many ways, this city is now, to my mind, the official home of Trek. With all of the anticipation building for a great new chapter in the Gene Roddenberry’s legendary mythos, this panel on production design for the series should be a wonderful glimpse into the work we shall all soon see on our monitors. Let’s all boldly go!

Sandman 24 Hour Diner Film Screening: 12:15 PM, ROOM: 705

I’m a Sandman fan. You are, too. While we all patiently wait for new stories featuring Morpheus, written by Neil Gaiman, fans are still regularly being inspired be the original monthly comic book series. Here’s an approximately 30 minute fan-film, based on one of the most horrifically legendary early issues. It should be a full room. But if you can’t make it, you can always watch the slick, well-crafted flick, right here and right now!

Celebrity Q&A With Cast Of Stranger Things With Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin: 12:30 PM, ROOM: 106

All the talk these days is about Stranger Things Season 2. Well, we’ve got the majority of the cast all in one spot. It doesn’t happen all that often, which makes this particular Q&A a very strange thing. Hiya!

The D&D Panel: 1:00 PM, ROOM: 717A

You look around. A band of Orc soldiers to your right, their axes held high. A group of Goblin sentry to your left, the tips of their spears gleaming by the torchlight. And rising slowly from the stage in front of you, a dragon, nostrils lit and smoldering, its gaze, directly on you. And you? You’re a first level Psionicist who rolled a 1 on a d20 initiative check. If you like Dungeons & Dragons, roll a 20 and get to this panel.

Creator Spotlight On John Bolton And Lovern Kindzierski: 1:30 PM, ROOM: 715B

Legendary artist John Bolton has finally made his way to Toronto! You may have read our exclusive interview with him, published this past Thursday, where we talk about his art, horror and his graphic novel Shame. You can read it here. Today, he’s joined alongside writer and industry veteran, Lovern Kindzierski, with a spotlight on their careers and Shame. If you have a love of art, horror, fantasy and great storytelling, you should be here, too.

DC Comics: Metal/Dark Matter With Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jeff Lemire & Jason Fabok: 2:45 PM, ROOM 716B

Get the scoop on DC’s big summer blockbuster series, featuring all of the all-star talent you could possibly want! Where is Dark Nights: Metal going? And what ramifications will it have for Batman, the bat-family, and the rest of the DC Universe? Only this panel knows for sure!

Marvel Comics: Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way With Marcus To, Marco Rudy & Jamal Campbell: 3:30 PM, ROOM: 714B

If you’re an aspiring artist, writer, or editor, this panel is for you. ‘Nuff said. Excelsior!

Celebrity Q&A With Rock Legend And Actor Meatloaf: 5:00 PM, ROOM: 106

The Rocky Horror Picture Show celebrations continue unabated! This time, we get the motorcycle-riding, saxophone-playing, hard-rocking, undead greaser, Meatloaf! It’s going to be a packed and absolutely wonderful Q&A –bless my soul and damn the ice pick!

Creator Spotlight On Jim Lee: 5:45 PM, ROOM 716B

I remember Jim Lee as a young, fledgling artist, wet-behind-the-ears and working on the high profile, Carol Potts written, Punisher War Journal. I met him at a hotel ballroom comic book convention here in Toronto at that time, and he was super receptive and friendly to my love of his work. But boy, has he done a lot of stuff since then. The man’s a legend now, in so many ways, and this spotlight is a fitting tribute to his artistry and his legacy in the comic book medium and industry.


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Fan Expo Canada runs from Thursday, August 31 to Sunday, September 3 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. For schedules, tickets and information, visit their web page at:  

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