Make It Population You In “Royal City #1” On The Wednesday Run

royal-city-1Over here in the Biff Bam Pop! community, we’re big, long-time admirers of Jeff Lemire’s comic book work.

For the better part of a decade, Lemire has been awing readers in a multitude of comic book genres with both company-owned characters and original creations.

Whether it’s his ground-breaking Essex County Trilogy in 2008, his post-apocalyptic series, Sweet Tooth, which brought the writer/artist mainstream attention and acclaim in 2009, his take on the “Invisible Man” in the graphic novel, The Nobody, the space/time bending Trillium in 2013, his riveting ongoing science fiction series, Descender, his brilliant take on Wolverine with Old Man Logan last year, or the current Moon Knight and Black Hammer superhero series that he writes for different publishers, Jeff Lemire never disappoints.


That’s a lot of writing – and, often, drawing.

Today, we add another title to the ever-growing list of Jeff Lemire must-reads with Royal City #1!


Royal City #1

Written & Illustrated By: Jeff Lemire

Published by: Image Comics


Despite all the stories and all the genres, Jeff Lemire has never really left his Essex County storytelling roots: character-driven drama that simmers, emotes and inspires.

Published by Image Comics, Royal City, the new monthly series written and illustrated by Lemire, is no different in that it returns to the hallmarks that have preoccupied its’ creators mind: the inter-generational relationship between family members, here, amidst the backdrop of a once-thriving factory town.

In the current changed political and economic landscape of North America, Royal City is a story for our time in its blue-collar earnestness, its sense of human loss and, particularly, its honesty. Here is a story full of characters that readers can identify with and care for. Here is a writer/artist at his storytelling best.

You can catch a sneak peak of the first issue here.

The population of the fictional Royal City might be 45,300, but there’s bound to be an enormous influx of sequential storytelling immigrants of all ages, transfixed on their established or burgeoning love affair with Lemire’s narrative and art.

You should be counted as one of them.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up the first monthly issue of Royal City #1.


About JP Fallavollita

JP Fallavollita is the Consulting Editor and regular contributor to Biff Bam Pop! He has been an avid reader of comic books since he was this tall and is currently busy writing and drawing his first graphic novel. He lives and works in Toronto with a port of call, beyond the local comic shop, of Follow him on Twitter: @JPFallavollita

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