Biff Bam Pop Exclusive: Jeff Lemire talks Old Man Logan


Today (Wednesday, January 27th) sees the publication of Old Man Logan #1, written by Toronto native Jeff Lemire, who picks up the reigns of this alternate universe Wolverine from Mark Millar and Brian Michael Bendis. Unsurprisingly, this title topped JP Fallavollita’s Wednesday Run, so check that our here to get more details on the series. As to what you can expect, find out right now, in our exclusive interview with Jeff Lemire!

Andy Burns: Thanks for talking to Biff Bam Pop once again, Jeff! Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis, and now you, taking on the character of Old Man Logan. Any intimidation in directing the way of this character based one who and what came before?

Jeff Lemire: Well, I wasn’t intimidated until you mention those two guys. Big shoes. But honestly, no, I’m not really intimidated. I feel so comfortable working with Andrea Sorrentino, since our run on Green Arrow, that I feel very confident we are going to do something special. If I didn’t think I had a strong take on the character, I wouldn’t have accepted the gig. Logan is the kind of character I love, and by that I mean he’s Canadian. So what can go wrong?

And, in truth, the entire idea of bringing Old Man Logan to the present day Marvel Universe provides me with all sorts of new directions and story potential, so I don’t feel any fear of retreading what’s already been done, either with Old Man Logan or with Wolverine stories in general.


Andy Burns: As a fan of both series, I appreciated the “Eastwood in Unforgiven” feeling that this Logan embodies – what about this iteration of Logan appeals to you as a writer?

Jeff Lemire: He reminds me a lot of my Jepperd character from Sweet Tooth. He’s an older guy who has lived a VERY hard life. One of exile and isolation. And he lost his family but clings to their memory. And he’s done things that fill him with guilt and regret. These are all things I love exploring with all my work, especially my more personal, creator owned stuff. So this book feels very much in my wheelhouse.


Andy Burns: This version of Logan has, in many ways, seen it all in the Marvel Universe – in your mind, and as a writer, how does he feel having to relive life again?

Jeff Lemire: Well, it’s certainly a mixed feeling. On one hand, it’s a wish come true. Everyone he loved and lost is suddenly back in his life. But at the same time, that must be very painful and confusing for him. And his greatest fear is to get close to them again for fear of losing them all over again.

This, combined with the dislocation he feels being flung back to the present day Marvel U and the transition is going to be a bit rocky to say the least.

Andy Burns: Are there any characters in particular that you’re looking forward to writing, as Logan navigates his way through the new Marvel U?

Jeff Lemire: Oh yeah…the solicits for #4 and 5 are out now, so I can reveal that we will see Old Man Logan cross paths with Old Man Steve Rogers. Writing Steve Rogers was a surreal and wonderful experience. I love the two of them together. And I also really enjoyed writing the Totally Awesome New Hulk in issue 2. But I gotta say, having Old Man Logan and Kate Bishop together is the most fun.

Andy Burns: We all had our favourite Wolverine stories growing up – are there any that left an impact on you and which you’re drawing from as you create Old Man Logan?

Jeff Lemire: As a child of the 80’s, the original Frank Miller and Claremont mini-series was the very first trade paperback or “graphic novel” I ever bought. It had a MASSIVE impact on me. I read it front to back so many times. I still have that original trade. It must be one of the first printings. I loved Miler’s storytelling so much. That series captures everything that is great about Logan.

Thanks to Jeff Lemire for taking the time to talk to Biff Bam Pop!, and to Chris D’Lando at Marvel for making it happen. 


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