The Librarians S03 E03: And the Reunion of Evil

We take a break from the god of chaos and get into a little primeval chaos as we party with the Frost Giants on this week’s episode of The Librarians.


Sum Up

Jake and Cassandra travel to an ice cave in search of an ancient ice crystal. When the crystal appears to be quite the challenge to extract, Cassandra uses magic. We are all familiar by this point with the cautions of using magic. Cassie is able to extract the crystal, but it embeds in her chest.

Unable to get back to the Library due to a blizzard, Jake and Cassie seek shelter in a lodge. Unfortunately, the lodge is filled with Frost Giants who are preparing for a ceremony that involves the crystal that happens to be inconveniently lodged in Cassandra’s upper body. The Frost Giants are not pleased.

Meanwhile, Jenkins and Eve do their best to find Jake and Cassandra to bring them home, while Ezekiel gets in touch with his parenting side as he take care of Nessie’s egg.

The Pairing

I really liked Jake and Cassie teaming up for this one.


With Ezekiel is not in the mix, it’s interesting to see who takes on the reckless roll. Between Jake’s partying it up with the Frost Giants, and Cassandra using magic even when she shouldn’t, I think it’s a tie.

Many fans were already shipping “Jassandra,” but I’m not sure how on board I am with that. I feel like Jake is the kind of guy that would end up with some long-lost flame from his past.

Stressed-out Cassandra was a lot of fun to watch this episode. Her yelling and arguing was  humorously adorable. Jake is probably right about using magic. Maybe the gang needs to sit down and make Cassandra watch Willow’s storyline from Buffy, after school special style. I am starting to wonder if we could see a magic-crazed Cassandra in the future. I did enjoy evil Cassandra in “And the Apple of Discord” episode from season one, so maybe just a little evil Cassandra wouldn’t be a bad thing.

In the end Cassie had to use magic in order to avoid becoming a Frost Giant human sacrifice.

If there is school for adventurers, and they have to take Escaping Capture 101, I’m guessing escaping a human sacrifice must be one of the first lessons. It seems becoming a human sacrifice comes with the territory of adventuring.


There was a fun blend of fantasy and realistic dread in this episode. Sure, no one wants to get torn apart by Norse baddies, but my favorite scene was the scene where Cassie is trapped at the bar with the dressed-in-her-flesh-bag, Meredith. The fact that Meredith is a mythological terror suddenly takes a back seat as she grows intoxicated. Having to listen to a drunk chick talk about her unrequited love is its own special torture. I laughed out loud at the expression of horror on Cassie’s face as Meredith started touching her and playing with her hair. I’ve made that same expression. It was a creative layering of fantasy and real life.

Cracking and Hacking

The theme of this week’s episode would have made George Michael proud, you gotta have faith. Jake needs to have faith that Cassie will use magic responsibly, while Cassie needs to have faith in Jake’s wisdom. Jenkins and Eve need to have faith that no matter what front Ezekiel puts on, in the end, he always steps up.

Ezekiel taking care of Nessie’s egg was hilarious and heartwarming.


I thought the slow, gradual, decent into parenthood was brilliant. First just holding, then a little bouncing, then the increasing baby gear, where does one find a mythical creature Bjorn?

Ezekiel also stepped up by hacking into DOSA’s system. I’m assuming this is something that DOSA will eventually notice. It will be interesting to see the consequences in the weeks to come.

Next week it appears that a Reaper is after Eve. Whose job is it to protect a Guardian when a Guardian needs protecting?


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  1. Favorite episode so far this season #FistsOfStone.. #JakeStone #ChristianKane one of the leads of the storyline for one of the very few times since the show has began!

      1. I love how she seems to be taking the same witchy route to power as Willow … geek to witch in a couple of seasons! 😀

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