American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare “Chapter Eight”


On the last episode of American Horror Story we were forced to watch as all hell broke loose on the set of “Return to Roanoke” and it ended with a few deaths and dinner with the Polks. Can the loyal fans of American Horror Story survive the next chapter?

Who is left?

Last week, Agnes was offed by the real Butcher (Susan Berger) and Matt was killed by Shelley after she caught him fooling around with Lady Gaga’s wood sprite. Sidney and his cameraman and assistant are also dead. The body count is climbing while Dominic tells the confessional how his job is to make everyone look bad. Lee, Monet and Audrey are prisoners of the Polks. I’m here asking myself, “Where the hell is Finn Wittrock?” We could use more crazy just about now.


It seems that Dominic isn’t feeling his bad boy image after witnessing Agnes’ encounter with the real Butcher. Shelby shows him a way out; the tunnel, but they have the creepy monkey girl chasing them and the Piggy Man is waiting in the underground tunnel. We learn the backstory of Piggy Man in tonight’s episode


It seems that Mama Polk has a teenaged son and we finally get to spend more time with Finn Wittrock. I am a big fan of Wittrock ever since Freak Show and it’s always good when he is in a scene. As crazy as Wittrock’s Dandy Mott was, Fin plays his Jether as the least insane of the Polk family. Jether is pissed because he’s the only one who hasn’t been on the television show yet. Jether hasn’t killed anyone yet and for some reason, Lee is able to draw on his mercy even though he’s cut off one of her ears as a Christmas present to himself.


The dimwitted but kind hearted Jether videos Lee when she wants to leave a message for her daughter. But I wasn’t expecting a confession for the murder of her husband. Jether explains to Lee that after the good meat is cut from her, her bones will be used for a bone broth. Now, there are plenty of nutritional benefits to bone broth, but I’m thinking that Lee isn’t interested in hearing this. For those of you who are interested, check it out.

While Lee tries to play on Jether’s sympathy, Audrey and Monet are in another part of the house with Cain and Ishmael who are interested in collecting teeth from their captives with big ass pliers. I don’t know about you, but after watching Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman, anything that has to do with teeth sends me screaming into the next room. Audrey and Monet try to explain to the Polk brothers that they are just actors and not the ones who took the feral boys away.


In a rare moment of disclosure, Mama Polk reveals how their taste for cannibalism began thanks to Kincaid Polk who was the original Piggy Man. Monet is able to escape, but leaves Audrey behind. Confederate flag hanging behind her on the wall, Mama taunts Audrey about Rory’s death after ripping out one of Audrey’s teeth. Sarah Paulson and Adina Porter better get an award for this season because these two actresses have put on a good show from the beginning of this season. I’m still not happy how this documentary theme is working out, but we need to give credit to the cast who convince us to return each week to see who survives.


I never expected Lee to escape, but instead of the promised sex, Lee gets Jether in a choke hold and from what I could see; kills him. What? Is this all we get from Finn Wittrock? I was hoping for a bit more crazy from Finn. I think I was spoiled by his Dandy character. Maybe he’ll be back as a ghost by the last episode.

Lee rescues Audrey and they head back to the home but not before Audrey bashes in Mama’s head. Will Lee be the survivor that had been hinted about? She got out of the Polk farm with most of her body intact, but on the return to the basement she discovers her dead brother. When they make it to the second floor bathroom, they find Shelby dead and Dominic holding the knife. Shelby had cut her own throat because she killed Matt, but the girls don’t believe Dominic and push him out of the room and into the waiting arms of the Piggy Man.

With Monet on the run with Cain and Ishmael on her trail, and Audrey and Lee heading back to the Polk farm to collect the video of Lee’s confession and Audrey’s killing of Mama Polk, I don’t know who will be the final survivor because we have a new player in the mix. Dylan (Wes Bentley), the actor who played Piggy Man in the documentary is at the front door. How did he get past the Butcher and why is he there? I’m going to make myself some bone broth and figure it out. See you next week.

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