The Year Of Wonder Continues With “Wonder Woman: The True Amazon” On The Wednesday Run

wonder-woman-true-amazonIt’s been quite a year for Wonder Woman, one of the world’s greatest and most recognized pop culture icons!

Created in 1941 by the psychologist and writer, William Moulton Marston, the greatest of the Amazons has seen both regular publication and acclaim in comic books, books, television, video games, board games, toys and film, for seventy-five years. It’s a true testament to her inherent characteristics, chiefly that of being timely and important to any age.

During her 75th year, Biff Bam Pop! has celebrated and highlighted various publications from DC Comics featuring Wonder Woman from the first issue of her new monthy series, to her inclusion in the Earth One graphic novel series with the release of (finally) her own book.

We even got super excited, along with millions of other fans, when the trailer to her first feature film debut (due to hit theatres early next year) dropped.

Today, DC Comics continues to celebrate the character with another, beautiful, standalone graphic novel, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon!

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Written by: Jill Thompson

Illustrated by: Jill Thompson

Published by: DC Comics


Acclaimed creator Jill Thompson, known for her Scary Godmother tales, as well as work on The Sandman, the Little Endless books, and Beasts of Burden, has been working on Wonder Woman: The True Amazon for a number of years. It is a true true dream project for the creator.

Thompson spins the tale of Wonder Woman: The True Amazon as a completely standalone story of one of the worlds greatest superheroes. You don’t have to be reading any other Wonder Woman stories to get into it. Fully and gloriously painted, it tells the story of a young Diana Prince who is both spoiled and ungrateful as the princess of the Amazonian nation. But after a number of tragic events, the young girl must quickly grow up, learn responsibility, and seize her destiny as the iconic superhero we all know and love.

Wonder Woman: The Tue Amazon, is a coming of age story, full of the mythology that makes the lore of Wonder Woman so great. Best of all, it’s a story for all-ages – not something we get in comic books and graphic novels these days.

Make the run to you local comic book shop today and pick up Jill Thompson’s take on the world’s greatest Amazon – pick up Wonder Woman: The True Amazon – and continue to celebrate the characters 75th year!

Here’s to many, many more!

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