Uncover Old Lies & Discover New Truths In WONDER WOMAN #1 On The Wednesday Run

A few weeks ago, this column focused on the release of Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, a sort of standalone, introductory issue, aimed at setting the stage for the new Wonder Woman monthly series.

Wonder Woman #1The various “Rebirth” branded publications from DC Comics have been released since the beginning of June and will continue over the coming weeks. They all refresh their respective characters and series in advance of brand new “#1” issues. You can catch up on our early June Wednesday Run column on Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 right here.

Today, however, sees the release of Wonder Woman #1 – the new monthly series starring everyone’s favourite Amazonian Princess. It starts directly after the last page of Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, which was a little thin as a story chapter, but a riveting start on a long-form story, full of potential.

Wonder Woman #1, of course, expands on that potential. Radically and epically!

Wonder Woman #1

Written by: Greg Rucka

Illustrated by: Liam Sharp

Published by: DC Comics

Within the pages of the proper DC Universe: Rebirth #1 issue, published at the tail end of last month (which you can read more about here), we were told that there have been unseen and, until now, unnoticed machinations reverberating through the DC Universe, affecting all of their characters.

But the truth, as they say, will out. And that’s the major storyline event, planned for the various DC Comics titles over the coming year…or years.

One of those revealed truths involves Wonder Woman, her history, and the history of Paradise Island, otherwise known as Themyscira.

We all thought that Steve Trevor was the first man to step foot on the island of the Amazons. That story has been part and parcel with Wonder Woman’s origins, and indeed, her identity, since the moment she was first published within the pages of All-Star Comics in 1941. But now we know that “truth” to be a lie.

What’s more shocking is that Diana, the Princess, has a twin brother, kept secret from her all these years!

Wonder Woman #1’s first story arc is titled “The Lies” – a revealing and auspicious word for a superhero known for love, compassion and the truth! Starting in the debut issue, and continuing in every odd numbered chapter, “The Lies” will continue to unravel, as written by fan and critical favourite, Greg Rucka, and brilliantly illustrated by Liam Sharp. Although familiar, this isn’t a Wonder Woman you’ve seen before, nor is it the world you’ve grown accustomed to.

To make the heinous mystery even more delicious, every even-numbered issue of the series will delve into Wonder Woman’s first year origins, as they detail the landing on Paradise Island by Steve Trevor. These chapters, also written by Rucka but illustrated by the great Nicola Scott, will plant the seeds for what readers will be experiencing in the odd-numbered issues.

To keep things moving and readers engaged, Wonder Woman will be published bi-weekly over the next few months. Under the helm of Rucka, Sharp and Scott, I think we’re on to something special here – a Wonder Woman story for the ages.

Make the run to your local comic book shop today and pick up Wonder Woman #1… and begin to unearth all of the juicy lies!

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