Guardians of the Galaxy S01 E17: Come and Gut My Love


We have all had problems with exes in the past, but for Star-Lord of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it seems to be his kryptonite and a recurring problem. But what does one do when your exes gang up to get you? To find out, meet me after the jump for my thoughts on “Come and Gut My Love.”

Dear Old Dad

I had mentioned before that my main impression of the Spartaxians from my Infinity reviews was that they were, pardon my language, insufferable pricks. The more we see of J’Son, Star-Lord’s father, the more I think my first impression is dead on. J’Son is more than a manipulative liar and thief, he’s a fascist, a deadbeat dad, and he’s working with Thanos.


There is not just the matter of the Cosmic Seed, the theft of which will hurl Spartax and Asgard into war once more, it’s the way he’s used and continues to use his son in this endeavor. The shocking truths we learn in this episode are his clashes with Loki, and his deal with Yondu and the Ravagers to turn his son into a thief like him. Now it seems like Peter Quill’s whole life has been a lie.


To prove what he believes is really going on with his father and the Cosmic Seed, Star-Lord (along with Gamora and Rocket, and as Groot and Drax have become redundant one joke characters of late) steals J’Son’s old sentient ship, Rora, making her believe he is his father. They soon learn what a bad idea this is as Rora is still in hard crushing love with J’Son, probably why she was locked away.


With his genetics matching, and Quill looking like J’Son did twenty-five years earlier, Rora is far too easily fooled. She is very jealous of Gamora’s presence on board. Notably, Rora, or Aurora, better known simply as ‘Ship,’ is actually from the comics, before it was decided Star-Lord’s ship shouldn’t be its own character, and worked better named after Quill’s boyhood crush, Alyssa Milano.

The Secret Origin of Star-Lord

When pressed for information on the Cosmic Seed, Rora reluctantly shows Star-Lord the events of a quarter century earlier. While under attack by the Asgardian Destroyer, Loki disguised himself as Rora and stole the Cosmic Seed from J’Son. Then, the god of mischief caused Rora to crashland on Earth, where J’Son left Rora for Meredith Quill, Star-Lord’s mother. Rora’s anger telling that last part is wrathful.


For any of us who have had jealous or out of control exes, alarms should be going off right now. Unfortunately for Star-Lord and his aforementioned kryptonite, he is completely clueless. As seen in this week’s preview, when Rora finds out Star-Lord isn’t really J’Son, things get very cold very quickly. Elsewhere however the heat is on…

A Maaaan!

Meanwhile, to the tune of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, Drax and Groot on board the Milano are under assault by two of Quill’s old flames, Supergiant and Lucy. As a prince, suddenly Star-Lord has become a hot commodity. In a turn which would have made more sense in a 1940s cartoon, the two woman want to marry him more than they want to kill him. Ugh.


A last second escape from Rora is a last second rescue by the Milano in a move that sort of reminded me a bit of Arthur and Ford grabbing a lift from the Vogons in The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Then as the two women fight over Quill, the Milano crashes. After a bizarre reenactment of the end of King Kong, Rora rescues Quill and the Guardians. Too strange, and too convenient.


At the end of the episode, after Rora shows Quill the truth about Yondu and the Ravagers, the Guardians confront J’Son and the Galactic Council (via hologram). With the revelation that J’Son stole the Cosmic Seed, Thor declares war and the Council disperses. And we end with the Guardians under arrest, and lots of questions.


Couldn’t the Guardians have delivered the message -the whole message- via hologram as well? Why go physically to Spartax? And whatever happened to Captain Victoria? More importantly, what happened to Mantis? And where did Rora go?

Next: Asgard War!

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